Are you REALLY a Band Geek?
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Are you REALLY a Band Geek?

I bet this scenario sounds familiar to you: You are just walking down the street, when someone looks at you and says, "Hey, are you a BAND GEEK?" I bet this question keeps you up at night. Well, if it does (which I'm sure it does), I, a band geek, created this quiz to help you determine how far you are in the scale of band-geekiness.

Question 1:You can and DO sing the entire Field Show...
Question 2:...with dynamics...
Question 3:...and drum breaks...
Question 4:...and keep the tempo better then the drumline...
Question 5:...and can do it all backward!
Question 6:You constantly walk in step with those around you...
Question 7:...and if you aren't, you skip step to be in step with them!
Question 8:When carrying something delicate, you always roll-step to prevent dropping or spilling it.
Question 9:You dress the lunch line.
Question 10:When walking backwards you raise up on the balls of your feet.
Question 11:You can have an "intelligent" argument over tenuto vs. legato
Question 12:...and knew what I meant when i said that.
Question 13:You practice the show whenever you're alone at home in the yard.
Question 14:Most of your friends are in Band.
Question 15:Most of the things you talk about are band related in more ways then one.
Question 16:For Flagline members: You practice the flag work with your pen or pencil during a test.
Question 17:You draw a little flag instead of your name for your signature.
Question 18:Your rings are all warped into weird shapes from wearing them during practice.
Question 19:Whenever you see a rake or a broom you just have to grab it and practice your tosses.
Question 20:'Flagline rules, Drumline drools'!
Question 21:All band members: The movie Drumline was so not accurate to most marching bands!
Question 22:Girls: Would you ever date a male flute? Guys: Would you ever play flute?
Question 23:Girls: Would you ever date a male on the Flagline? Guys: Would you ever be on the flagline?
Question 24:Pondered if you could concentrate hard enough to have the other team's drumline spontaneously combust?
Question 25:Do you have so many Band Shirts that you could wear a different one everyday for more then a week?
Question 26:Do you spend endless hours in the band room before AND after school?
Question 27:Do you talk about things around "normal" people, get funny looks, and say, "It's a band thing"?
Question 28:Do you (or will you) go back to your school and help out with band camp, just so you could be around the band again?
Question 29:Do you find it difficult to impossible to imagine life without marching band?
Question 30:Do you "love band"?

This Quiz has been designed by Haley.