How deep is your musician soul?

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A purity test on how much music is in you.

  • 1
    I don’t mind listening to any kind of music, be it heavy metal, rap, R&B, pop, country, jazz, classical, polka, salsas, vocal groups, 80’s, etc.
  • 2
    I try to listen to music that doesn’t involve sex, drugs, beer, violence, testimonies about nothing, etc. daily.
  • 3
    I talk about music that doesn’t involve sex, drugs, beer, violence, testimonies about nothing, etc. to people who don’t really want to listen.
  • 4
    I sometimes use different chord progressions as similes and metaphors when I’m speaking to people or writing something.
  • 5
    When I have to spend extended periods of time in the bathroom, I sing parodies of songs, such as, “Oops I Farted Again” “Vibrating Ducky” “So Constipated” “In-Flu-enza-ah-ah” “What The Hell Is That Smell”, etc.
  • 6
    I head-bang to Chattanooga Choo Choo.
  • 7
    I can just sit idle and not be bored because, in my brain, I can work out the difficult parts in a new song I’m trying to learn.
  • 8
    I can play at least 3 different musical instruments with panache.
  • 9
    I’ve named all of the instruments I play.
  • 10
    I try to play an instrument everyday, sometimes for 2 hours or so.
  • 11
    I have lengthy conversations with my instrument.
  • 12
    When I successfully finish a difficult piece, I thank my instrument and tell it how beautiful it is.
  • 13
    I’ve selected my favorite instrument and, on occasion, have slept with it in my bed after tucking it in and singing it a lullaby.
  • 14
    When I’m sad or mad, I go into my room, lock the door, and put the soothing sounds of Irish flutes in my CD player.
  • 15
    When I’m making breakfast, I sing good morning to the world.
  • 16
    I have written a song.
  • 17
    I have written a song and made lyrics for it.
  • 18
    I have written a song, made lyrics for it, and sung it in front of people.
  • 19
    I’ve named my pets after famous composers.
  • 20
    I plan to or already have named my children after famous composers.
  • 21
    There’s a musician forum on my favorites list that I go to every day and post at.
  • 22
    I get magazines and newsletters from music groups and music fan clubs.
  • 23
    Listening to Beethoven’s fingers flying across piano keys turns me on.
  • 24
    I listen to music while having sex.
  • 25
    I wish I could go back in time and make love to Mozart.
  • 26
    When I’m having sex, I can apply it to the Hungarian dance.
  • 27
    When I’m having sex, I mentally toil over what dynamic I’m experiencing.
  • 28
    I want a room in my house to be entirely dedicated to music, music history, music books, and instruments. And I want it to have wallpaper made out of different sheet music.
  • 29
    For my next birthday, all I want is a new metronome, 3 more new pieces of music to play, and a cup that says ‘I LOVE MUSIC’. And maybe a few note key chains.
  • 30
    I believe Mozart is the greatest genius of all time.
  • 31
    When I get rich, I’m going to start an institution for talented, but luckless musicians.
  • 32
    I look up music jokes online in my free time. (What’s the difference between an onion and a clarinet?)
  • 33
    I have a job that has something musical in it.
  • 34
    I deeply loathe the radio.
  • 35
    I strongly believe Music should be a religion.
  • 36
    I’m involved in a Music cult.
  • 37
    I’ve taught a deaf person how to play a musical instrument.
  • 38
    I’ve taught a blind person how to play a musical instrument.
  • 39
    When I’m on the computer, I’m either sequencing a song, learning new progressions on, emailing my musical friends, posting on my musician forum, or making a quiz on how deep your musician soul is.
  • 40
    Playing music MAKES ME HAPPY.

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1149 days ago
32/40. Never taught a blind person -would be interesting
1694 days ago
14 out of 40
I'm getting there and I'm 65% pure