How much are YOU into the Cthulu Mythos?
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How much are YOU into the Cthulu Mythos?

Based on the books by H.P. Lovecraft, see how deep you are in the Mythos.

Question 1:Have you ever seen sunken Ry'leth?
Question 2:Do you look at black goats and wonder?
Question 3:Are there rats in your walls that tell you to eat people?
Question 4:Have you read the Necronomicon?
Question 5:Have you read the REAL Necronomicon?
Question 6:Did you learn Aribic so you could read the original?
Question 7:Does the acronym SPONGE mean anything to you?
Question 8:Have you ever argued that space must be an ether, "or else how would the whisperers get here?"
Question 9:Do you live in Innsmouth?
Question 10:Are your parents fish?
Question 11:Do you know a language older than mankind?
Question 12:Do you live in MA, NY, VT, or NH?
Question 13:Do you have a cat named "Nigger-Man?"
Question 14:Do you celebrate Yuletime with ancient rituals older than the race of man?
Question 15:Have you ever read Unaussprechlichen Kulten?
Question 16:Can you pronounce Unaussprichlichen Kulten?
Question 17:Do you believe the center of the universe is a crawling chaos?
Question 18:Is your brother a tentacle-deamon?
Question 19:Do you practice unholy rites in your secret basement?
Question 20:Are you in regular contact with alien intelligences?
Question 21:Are you legally insane?
Question 22:Do you know who Cthulu is?
Question 23:Are you one of his priests?
Question 24:Do you type "Cthulu for President" in chatrooms?
Question 25:Are you oblivious to the fact that that's an old joke?
Question 26:Are you oblivious to the fact that it's a joke?
Question 27:Have you gotten a back-subscription to Wierd Tales?
Question 28:Have you ever played the d20 Call of Cthulu game?
Question 29:Have you ever played the original version?
Question 30:Have you played both?

This Quiz has been designed by Aric Lightfeather.