Could You Ever Take Over The World?
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Could You Ever Take Over The World?

Do you dream of world domination, but aren't quite sure if you'd make the cut when it came to being an evil overlord? This simple quiz can help you decide whether to pursue those dreams.

Question 1:Do you plan to one day take over the world?
Question 2:Do you have more than one world domination plot in case your Plan Alpha fails?
Question 3:Do you have backups for the backup plans?
Question 4:Do you have plans for the setup of your evil organization?
Question 5:Have you decided whom (if anyone) can be trusted to be a part of your evil organization?
Question 6:Does planned evil organization have a cool name?
Question 7:Does it also have a cool slogan or business motto?
Question 8:Have you already established many "business connections" with shady characters who could be useful in your future?
Question 9:Are any of them key members of already existing mobs, large-scale gangs, or world-domination organizations?
Question 10:Do you have many enemies?
Question 11:And few friends, all of whom have been made to prove their loyalty before being admitted into your inner circle of confidence?
Question 12:Do you keep secrets about yourself, especially about your feelings and deepest thoughts, from everyone, including even your inner circle of trusted friends?
Question 13:Do you have any supernatural or extraordinary powers?
Question 14:Can you hack into government databases, including top secret ones, in less than ten minutes? Alternatively, do you have any friends or loyal business associates who can and will for you?
Question 15:Do you think that most TV and movie supervillains with plots for world domination are completely amateur and unrealistic?
Question 16:Do you know where your 'secret lair' is going to be?
Question 17:Have you drawn up or had drawn up plans for said secret lair?
Question 18:Are the ventilation ducts in your secret lair too small for anyone to crawl through?
Question 19:Do you believe in shooting your enemies rather than planning elaborate and easily escapable situations for them?
Question 20:Do you have no weaknesses that cannot be gotten rid of?
Question 21:Do you think that the custom of giving your enemies a "last request" is stupid?
Question 22:Do you have a lot of hate?
Question 23:Is your favorite colour black, red, or green?
Question 24:Is your plan for world domination founded on a need for revenge or a hatred of something (example, the government).
Question 25:Do you recognize your own mortality (even if you hope someday to overcome such obstacles)?
Question 26:Are you a natural-born leader? (If you're not sure, check the comments on your old high-school report cards -- teachers tend to admire 'leadership qualities', so if you have them it will be written in the comments section somewhere).
Question 27:Would you consider yourself to be a "charismatic leader" who can get people to agree to anything you say by simply using your natural charm?
Question 28:Are you a master of legalese? (Basically, can you bullshit your way out of any situation using technical or legal jargon that has no real meaning?).
Question 29:As a child, did you always play the "evil villain" when you played games that involved such characters? Alternatively, did you play the hero only because the hero always had to win, but twist them so that they were actually more evil than the villain?
Question 30:Have you ever written a story (even if it was just for English class) in which the evil villain wins, or in which the story's main character is the evil villain?
Question 31:Do you find most humans to be horribly pathetic little creatures deserving only the terrible death which you shall bring them?
Question 32:Do you like potentially deadly animals (like snakes, spiders, etc.) as pets? Alternatively, do you like cats (usually an animal considered to be very evil).
Question 33:Have you ever owned one of the animals stated above?
Question 34:Are you pissed off at the world?
Question 35:Have you ever participated in any anti-establishment protests (even if it was just a protest against your school's new dress code)?
Question 36:Have you ever led any such protest?
Question 37:Do you enjoy fire and/or burning things?
Question 38:Have you ever designed superweapons of any sort (even if it was just a flamethrower you made in your garage over summer break)?
Question 39:Have you ever played paintball? Did you enjoy it? (If you played it but didn't enjoy it, answer "no" to this question. If you haven't played it but think it sounds really cool and you want to try put "yes").
Question 40:Do you listen to rock, punk, rap, or similarly angry music?
Question 41:Do you write evil/angry/dark poetry or songs?
Question 42:Are people scared of you?
Question 43:Does your laugh sound like a maniacal cackle?
Question 44:Have you ever shot a gun?
Question 45:Were you good at it?
Question 46:Would you strike a deal with the devil to be able to take over the world?
Question 47:Do you know who your biggest competitors in the field of world domination are?
Question 48:Have you already gotten rid of them or do you have plans to do so?
Question 49:Are you considered to be an intelligent person?
Question 50:Did you answer yes to more than forty-five of the questions on this test (that can include this one if it needs to)?

This Quiz has been designed by Karen.