The will your head fall off tomorrow test
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The will your head fall off tomorrow test

Have you ever wondered about the danger of losing vital appendages to your body? Will YOUR head fall off today, tomorrow, or just in the scarily near future? Who knows? Well, this medically-acclaimed, scientifically-proven test will let YOU know why YOU should be quaking, helpless with fear.

Question 1:Do you handle sharp machinery at about neck to head height?
Question 2:Have you pissed off any axe-wielding maniacs recently?
Question 3:Is your head tied to your neck by some sort of bandage?
Question 4:Have you had problems with the loss of vital organs and appendages in the past?
Question 5:Has anyone in your family suffered from loss of vital organs or appendages?
Question 6:How about your friends/acquaintances?
Question 7:Do you know them well enough?
Question 8:Does the thought of your head suddenly falling off keep you awake at night?
Question 9:If so, did you know that stress is a major cause of head related losses?
Question 10:Have you been abroad in the last 20 years?
Question 11:Have you ever eaten anything blue?
Question 12:If not, start stocking up now! They can help prevent decapulation. Did you know that?
Question 13:Lying is not gonna help you now. Have you ever been committed to a psychiatric unit?
Question 14:Have you ever crossed the road from left to right?
Question 15:Have you ever used non-stick frying pans?
Question 16:Do you experiment with mind-bending drugs?
Question 17:Do strangers look at you oddly (as if your head is about to fall off)?
Question 18:Do you know the way to San José?
Question 19:If not, better find out fast. Our Head Re-Installation Clinic 'HRIC' is there. But do you masturbate?
Question 20:Do you have an eyesight deficiency?
Question 21:Do you wear polo necks or scarves often?
Question 22:Do you own pets of an unusual nature (penguins, meer kats etc.)?
Question 23:And finally the most important question of all, the one you've been waiting for, is your head in the process of falling off?

This Quiz has been designed by Alex.