Are you a serial killer?
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Are you a serial killer?

Sometimes you just can't be sure until the press throws that nasty label in front of your name. Take this quiz and put your mind at ease; this way if you wake up some day and find the words "serial killer" followed by your name, you just won't be as surprised.

Question 1:Are you a male?
Question 2:Are you white?
Question 3:Try and think back to the last time you soiled your jammies with the yellow stuff. Were you older than 12?
Question 4:Are your parents divorced?
Question 5:Would you describe your father as "absentee?"
Question 6:Would you consider yourself to be a genius?
Question 7:Do you consider yourself to be better looking than the average person?
Question 8:Do you watch/look at porn on a regular basis?
Question 9:Does bondage turn you on?
Question 10:Do you work in a blue-collar field?
Question 11:Were you lazy academically in high school?
Question 12:Do you hate your father?
Question 13:Do you hate your mother?
Question 14:Consider your elder relatives for a moment(father, mother, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents): would you consider *more than* one of these people alcoholics?
Question 15:Have you ever been institutionalized (prison, juvenile lockup, psychiatric hospital, orphanage)?
Question 16:Do you think your mother yelled at you a lot as a child?
Question 17:Have you ever attempted suicide?
Question 18:Have you ever deliberately and needlessly killed an animal (dog, cat, snake, frog, bird, rodent)?
Question 19:Have you ever "tortured" an animal (same animals as above)?
Question 20:Are you between the ages of 20 and 39?
Question 21:Are you heterosexual?
Question 22:Have you ever stared into a flame for longer than 10 minutes, almost becoming hypnotized by it?
Question 23:Were you ever in trouble (either by a parent, the police or any other authority figure) because of a fire you started?
Question 24:Do you introduce yourself-- or do other people refer to you-- with your first, middle and last name?
Question 25:In your lifetime, have you killed more than 5 people?

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