Decorating Purity test
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Decorating Purity test

This will test if you're obsessed with decorating and interior design

Question 1:Do you do your own decorating?
Question 2:Do you do your own DIY?
Question 3:Do you do either of these for others?
Question 4:Do you have a job involving interior/exterior design (architect, builder, painter etc)?
Question 5:Do you have a job involving DIY (plumber, electrician etc)?
Question 6:Do you look constantly for ideas for your home?
Question 7:Do you understand what the fancy colours are that they use to describe colours (aqua marine, beige etc)?
Question 8:Did you learn of the meanings through interior design and NOT fashion (if it's through fashion maybe you're obsessed with clothes...)?
Question 9:Do you watch UK Style regularly?
Question 10:Do you watch other interior design shows?
Question 11:Do you go in places such as showhouses to find ideas for your home?
Question 12:Even if you're not buying a house?
Question 13:Do you prefer the 'home' section of a store to the 'women's/men's (whatever your gender is)' section?
Question 14:Do you watch TV to get ideas for your home?
Question 15:Do you look at a cafe like it's design and decide to make a room like that in YOUR home?
Question 16:Do you know what DIY means?
Question 17:Do you NOT get another person to do this for you?
Question 18:Because you're knowledge of fixing things is better than anyone else you know?
Question 19:And you know more than one plumber?
Question 20:Do you dream of having a child just so you don't look stupid with a disney/C Beebies decorated room?
Question 21:Do people ask you to do their DIY?
Question 22:Do people ask you to build their house?
Question 23:Do you know what styles of houses date to when?
Question 24:Have you designed your PERFECT house?
Question 25:Do you understand the names of posh rooms and the differences (eg the difference between a parlour and a drawing room)?
Question 26:Do you prefer houses of a certain period?
Question 27:Do you refer to a popular architect of the time rather than the monarch of the time/century when you're trying to date something?
Question 28:Do you like DIY?
Question 29:Do you like interior design?
Question 30:Do you feel obsessed?

This Quiz has been designed by Zoe.