Do you love the Marijuana plant? Are you OBSESSED with it? Take this test and find out you pothead…

Question 1:Do you smoke ganja more than once a week?
Question 2:More than once a day?
Question 3:Does this happen often?
Question 4:Do you fantasize about what it would be like to get a hold of the most magical ,delicious, amazing, rare buds and no one could take it away from you and you could never get caught or pulled over with it?
Question 5:All the time?
Question 6:Do you know the scientific name for THC?
Question 7:Did you just say it loud confirming your knowledge?
Question 8:Do your conversations with “friendly strangers” consist of : “ Can I see it?”, “Damn this is some good shit!” , and “ How much?”
Question 9:Do you remember your first date with Mary Jane?
Question 10:Did you fall in love?
Question 11:Do you know your astrological sign?
Question 12:Can you predict others?
Question 13:Are you often right?
Question 14:Do you often stop in the middle of a thought and say “What was I talking about again?”
Question 15:Do you get excited just knowing you are about to blaze it?
Question 16:Do you know the metric system EXTREMELY well?
Question 17:If you meet a new friend and they do not smoke, do you eventually stop talking to them?
Question 18:Do you smoke Marlboro Reds?
Question 19:On a daily basis or whenever possible?
Question 20:Do you know your tolerance level (how much you can smoke before you get high) in terms of ‘joints‘ , ‘bowls‘, and ‘blunts‘?
Question 21:Is green your favorite color?
Question 22:Does taking this test make you wanna smoke reefer?

This Quiz has been designed by CHRISTIE "HOT STUFF".