How NYU are you?
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How NYU are you?

Question 1:The people at Starbucks recognize you when you come in
Question 2:You've been rudely awakened at 2 a.m. because a fire alarm went off due to a "steam condition"
Question 3:You get hit on at least once a day by the "guys in the park"
Question 4:You've been inside Urban Outfitters at least once
Question 5:You know what Mamoun's is and you love it!
Question 6:You bought a fake ID in a very shady place that also sold bongs and tattoos
Question 7:Your dorm doesn't have a thirteenth floor because it's bad luck
Question 8:You know what I'm talking about when I mention the guy that says "right on right on! have a nice day!"
Question 9:You've been to the Astor Place Starbucks in hope of spotting a celebrity
Question 10:But you didn't see anyone
Question 11:You always remember to "make room for a friend" in the Silver building elevators
Question 12:You've become a really fast walker
Question 13:Jaywalking is a way of life
Question 14:You're very aware that there will never be Snow Days at NYU
Question 15:You don't know how you survived in the past without your cell phone
Question 16:You claim to know the subway system by heart and yet you've ended up in Brooklyn a few times
Question 17:You've waited for 25 minutes in line to buy your textbooks in the Bookstore
Question 18:You know that the MAP has nothing to do with geography
Question 19:You're not worried about getting locked out of your room because you know how to Metrocard it
Question 20:You appreciate the luxury of having your own bathroom

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