How Calhoun On Tour Are You?: 30th Anniversary Edition
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How Calhoun On Tour Are You?: 30th Anniversary Edition

Calhoun On Tour is the district-wide drama program of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District. It is a four-year class that draws students from all three high schools. Part of each student's average is made up of 25 co-curricular after-school hours of technical work. The On Tour program is currently in its 30th year and is run by Mr. Sal Salerno. The students in the program are exceptionally unique and this is a test of how similar you are to the typical drama student. The creators hope you enjoy.

Question 1:Is your dream part Eponine?
Question 2:Has Sal called you a moron in the past week?
Question 3:Has Sal yelled at you for something he's done?
Question 4:Have you been known to say that Sal pulls grades out of his ass?
Question 5:Has Eli, Lou, Brandon or Russ ever bothered you about handing in your Who's Who?
Question 6:And did they end up writing it for you?
Question 7:Have you walked the halls of Calhoun singing your audition piece?
Question 8:Have you been hit on by Jared Zirilli-Buchbinder?
Question 9:Is it really that small?
Question 10:Were you unfazed when Sam came out?
Question 11:Do you know who Freddy is?
Question 12:Have you told Russ to shut up or thought he was funny?
Question 13:Have you ever considered sleeping in the Drama Room?
Question 14:Do you know why you should be afraid of the pit?
Question 15:Has Brian ruined Of Mice and Men for you?
Question 16:Does the expression "ENOUGH!" mean anything to you?
Question 17:When you were a freshman, did you think Sal would eat you?
Question 18:Do you still think Sal would eat you?
Question 19:Will Ilissa get annoyed if there is a question about her?
Question 20:Have you ever eaten dinner in the auditorium?
Question 21:Even after Sal told you it's not allowed with Chinese in his mouth?
Question 22:Do you know Bill's middle name?
Question 23:Have you made a short joke about Eva or a gay joke about Sam?
Question 24:Have you taken voice lessons with Fran, Rosemarie, or John Farrell?
Question 25:Have you been seen in Calhoun with the words "Thespian" or "On Tour" on your butt?
Question 26:Have you written a song about Sal?
Question 27:Have you told Lou to stop singing in the past week?
Question 28:Did you believe Sal the first time he said he'd cancel the show?
Question 29:Can you guess who wrote this quiz?
Question 30:Do you know which anniversary On Tour is having this year?

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