The REAL Drug and Alcohol Test

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I was forced to come up with my own version of the drug and alcohol test because the one all of my friends did was a PUSSY ASS test and only asked pussy ass questions.

  • 1
    Have you ever been drunk?
  • 2
    Do you drink more than once a week?
  • 3
    Do you smoke?
  • 4
    Do you smoke weed regularly?
  • 5
    Have you ever tried ecstasy?
  • 6
    Have you ever tried ketamine or GHB?
  • 7
    Have you ever tried dust? (PCP)
  • 8
    Have you ever tried speed? (meth, ice, crank)
  • 9
    Have you ever tried heroin?
  • 10
    Have you ever tried powder cocaine?
  • 11
    Have you ever tried crack cocaine?
  • 12
    Have you ever injected any drug?
  • 13
    Have you ever tried LSD? (acid or mushrooms)
  • 14
    Have you ever abused prescription medication? (Pain medication like percoset or benzodiazepines like xanax)
  • 15
    Have you ever tried DXM? (this includes robo-tripping)
  • 16
    Have you ever been arrested for any drug offense?
  • 17
    Do you or have you ever sold drugs as a source of income?
  • 18
    Have you ever overdosed?
  • 19
    Have you ever tried nitrous oxide?
  • 20
    Have your friends or family ever confronted you because they were concerned about your drug use?
  • 21
    Have you ever done drugs by yourself?
  • 22
    Have you ever devoted an entire day just for the sole purpose of doing drugs?
  • 23
    Have you ever been in a rehab program? (this includes NA and AA)
  • 24
    Have you ever stolen anything or sold any of your personal belongings in order to get money to buy drugs?
  • 25
    Have you ever done more than 3 different drugs in one day?
  • 26
    Do you have a drug dealer's phone number saved in your phone book?
  • 27
    Have people ever gone to YOU to get them drugs?
  • 28
    Girls: Have you ever given sexual favors for drugs?

    Guys: Have you ever received sexual favors for drugs?
  • 29
    Are you known as a druggie by people you know?
  • 30
    Are you on drugs right now?

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