How Antioch Are You?

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We may not still be there, but Antioch will always be a part of us...whether we like it or not! Test to see how truly "Antioch" you are!

  • 1
    You know where to find the word "Hi" written with plants.
  • 2
    You know where to find the word "murder" written in street lights.
  • 3
    You know the legend of the White Witch.
  • 4
    You know where to find the White Witch.
  • 5
    You know the name of the White Witch.
  • 6
    You swam at Contra Loma at least once.
  • 7
    You wanted to swim in Lake Alhambra.
  • 8
    You know where to find "The Gates of Hell."
  • 9
    You think Prewett Water Park has the best slides.
  • 10
    You know where to find a lighter with the "Rollin' 20's" on it.
  • 11
    You know what the "G Street Jumps" were.
  • 12
    You remember when Lone Tree Way ended at James Donlon.
  • 13
    You still believe that BART will have a station in town.
  • 14
    You know the length and type of track at the Antioch Raceway.
  • 15
    You went to or know someone who went to Park or Antioch JUNIOR HIGH.
  • 16
    You remember or at least know of a time when the mall wasn't enclosed, but open-air.
  • 17
    You've shopped at the Antioch flea market.
  • 18
    You've been on a tour of city hall.
  • 19
    You know where Beede Mansion is.
  • 20
    You watched a movie at the Stamm or Campanil Theatres.
  • 21
    You knew what the Hollywood Video on Lone Tree (by Raley's) used to be.
  • 22
    You know what city building was given the nickname "Taj Mahal."
  • 23
    You have climbed up to the "caves", played on the slag heaps, or tried to enter a mine at Black Diamond Mines.
  • 24
    You remember where and why people were protesting a Eucalyptus tree being cut down.
  • 25
    You know where the canneries used to be in town.
  • 26
    You’ve been to the Rivertown Jamboree more than once.
  • 27
    You volunteered at the Rivertown Jamboree.
  • 28
    You hooked up with someone you met at the Rivertown Jamboree.
  • 29
    You remember when the Contra Costa County Fair lasted a full week.
  • 30
    You’ve hung out with your friends at Denny’s or Lyon’s.
  • 31
    You checked out a book from the Antioch Public Library.

  • 32
    You’ve watched the 4th of July fireworks from the Antioch pier.
  • 33
    You know the story of Humphrey the Whale.
  • 34
    You know Antioch’s official city nickname (“Gateway to…”).
  • 35
    You’ve had dinner at Kelly’s.
  • 36
    You have a favorite menu item at Hazel's.
  • 37
    You have a favorite menu item from Little Manuel’s.
  • 38
    You’ve had a hot dog or gyro from Jerry’s.
  • 39
    You’ve been to something sponsored by Straw Hat Pizza.
  • 40
    You know where to find The Red Caboose.
  • 41
    You’ve been to Legends or the 19th Hole within the last year.
  • 42
    You graduated from Antioch or Deer Valley High School.
  • 43
    You or at least five people you know went to LMC or DVC after graduation.
  • 44
    You know at least a little about the person your elementary school was named after.
  • 45
    You have at some point in your life played pool at Joe’s Family Billiards downtown (that was the name of the place, right?)
  • 46
    You know where "Gravity Hill" is and have actually had your car move while there.

  • 47
    You or someone you know watched a movie at Bridgehead Drive-In before it closed.
  • 48
    You're fine driving through the Sycamore or D Street neighborhoods.
  • 49
    You still hate Pittsburg High School.
  • 50
    You still live in Antioch!

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