Are you like Martini?

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  • 1
    Agreeing with something a terrorist says does NOT make you a terrorist.
  • 2
    Swimming upstream is a better way to live life than to go with the flow of the river.
  • 3
    The small surviving group in the Poseidon Adventure had the right idea: they didn't follow the masses, and ended up surviving.
  • 4
    Being shot does NOT make you "gangster".
  • 5
    People who say "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all" should go die.
  • 6
    48% of the American population fucked up in 2000, and 51% of the American people did it again in 2004.
  • 7
    Cultural differences can be blamed for everything, but shouldn't be blamed for anything. Odds are the person was just a dick.
  • 8
    Canada can send us their trash, so why can't we send them Bush?
  • 9
    Sexual Stereotypes!
  • 10
    Playing one extreme or the other in politics is a good way to screw you over some way. Go Liberal Conservatives!
  • 11
    D Flat is THE biggest oxymoron ever.
  • 12
    Bands with old members are not weird - in reality, the messages that come from their music is much better than the "messages" that rap artists send to their fans, or any other messages that music sends to people today.
  • 13
    Ralph Nader is a person to be admired, not laughed at. He has lost 3 straight Presidential elections, yes, but he is determined.
  • 14
    Abortion is never right, UNLESS the mother's life is threatened. Not her financial well-being, mind you, but her LIFE.
  • 15
    You can't blame stupidity on young age.
  • 16
    High School love can exist, but High School drama usually replaces any chance of High School love quickly in a relationship.
  • 17
    School is not difficult. It only seems difficult because you're not attempting to make effort whatsoever.
  • 18
    Being an optimist does NOT mean that you will try harder for something than a pessimist.
  • 19
    Being an optimist can lead 3 places: Success and Cheerfulness, Where you began, and Disappointment and failure. Being a pessimist can only lead to the first two.
  • 20
    While the major goal of a company is to be financially successful and deliver profits to its shareholders, keeping a happy customer base is also a goal that should not be overlooked.
  • 21
    Number 1 rarely deserves number 1. More times than not, they just got lucky at the start, got the number 1 by their name, then intimidated the rest of their opponents. Most of the time, the number 1 person/team is absolutely overrated.
  • 22
    You can't be too serious about something. Being very serious just shows commitment and dedication.
  • 23
    Being set on something does not make you obsessive.
  • 24
    Sometimes the most awkward things work out better in the long run.
  • 25
    There is always one "out" in the "ins".

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