Am I Cisgender? Quiz - The Self Test

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New gender, sexual and romantic statuses are being defined all the time. "Cisgender" (or simply cis) is an umbrella term. It denotes a person whose sense of personal identity and gender correspond with their birth sex. It sounds pretty clear-cut, but the truth is that many people who consider themselves cisgender might not actually be. If you've been wondering if you're cis, or if seeing this test has made you question it, quiz yourself and find out now.

  • 1
    Do you ever feel like gender stereotypes/expectations keep you from being yourself or make it harder for you to be yourself?
    Do you ever feel like gender stereotypes/expectations keep you from being yourself or make it harder for you to be yourself?
  • 2
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the anatomy of the opposite sex (like, having boobs/no boobs, or the opposite sexual organs)?
  • 3
    In some situations - for example, in sports class/PE - when the group is being divided into males and females, have you ever felt you didn't really belong in the group you were assigned to?
  • 4
    Have you ever wanted to wear clothing from the opposite sex's section of the store?
  • 5
    When you look at trans people, do you feel inspired by or jealous of them because they're transitioning/being themselves/are out?
  • 6
    Have you ever felt that the pronouns you were assigned don't quite or at all fit you?
  • 7
    Have you ever had people ask you why you are "acting gay"? (NOTE: Females with predominantly masculine traits and males with predominantly feminine traits often fit society's view of gay people, so if you answer "Yes," this doesn't automatically mean you're gay. Likewise, if you answer "No," this doesn't mean you're automatically not.)
  • 8
    Have you ever tried to bind/pack, or seriously thought about doing it?
  • 9
    If you have had an opportunity to pretend to be the opposite gender (like in a play, etc.), have you had the desire to take that opportunity so you could express yourself without being judged?
  • 10
    Do you know about different gender identities, or do you want to educate yourself on them/general LGBTQ+ themes?

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4 days ago
I've recently started identifying as Transmasc Nonbinary. I just feel like its better to say that then try to pin point what it actually is. I rrally do want some male characteristics but I don't really see myself as fully male or female.
I want to be more androgynous but lean more towards Masculinity but in a feminine way if that makes since, like a femboy-esque way.
33 days ago
I am cisgender, genderfluid and transgender mixed together to create bigender
139 days ago
209 days ago
hi! im a questioning afab agender using he/they!
259 days ago
Hey! I'm most likely a cisgender straight afab. Maybe. Mostly. Possibly.
Idk what or who I am.
I want to try maybe binding and using she/they but idk. , this quiz I got an 8/10 on and am even more confused now tbh.

And I think I might be omni but I've never had like an actual crush yet (I'm nearly 14) and I am pretty confused. I may be on the ace spectrum or just a late bloomer. Hah uhh thanks for listening, pls send help.
Thank u
299 days ago
I think Im some flavor of nonbinary transfemme. My feelings kinda fluctuate between they/them femboy and binary she/her transgirl. I'm not usually hyperfeminine and still do some masculine things but I really prefer womens fashion over mens and wearing fem/androgynous clothing feels nice.
488 days ago
I think I’m fluidflux since I became agender, librafeminine, paragirl, demigirl, trans ftm, bigender, and um yeah help
497 days ago
Hi I’m an afab bisexual agender closeted person with they/them pronouns
518 days ago
So earlier this year i've seen lgbtq tiktoks going and i've seen lots of lesbians and bisexual who like other girls, and that made me realize something: could it be all the times when i've been next to attractive girls and having my stomach swirls and Me becoming a flustered mess be related to me being gay? Well ever since that time i've been identifying myself as bisexual since i like boys too and my first crush was a boy, and then i went throught a period where I thought i was making this all up maybe i just want to BE the hot girls on tiktoks and in real life, not be WITH them but then i had my 2nd crush who was a girl and that confirmed it once and for all. And that's the end right? No more questionning...i've accepted my's all good! Well WRONG because here i am questionning my gender orientation, i've been questionning my gender since atleast 2 months now, i don't really hate it when people call me a she/her but i would prefer to be called a they/them, and i think i'm a demigirl since i don't really hate my gender that much, i just would rather not mentionning my💗at all, so here i am, my name is Sari (unisex version of Sarah) i'm bisexual and my pronouns are it/itself and they/them (sometime she/her but most of the time they/them)

*I hope you didn't find my ranting annoying i just needed somewhere to escape to, so i chose the internet! A place where you can talk to people anonymously! Anyways have a nice rest of the day guy, gal, or non-binary pal! Also sorry if some of this doesn't make sense since english is my third language aand i'm having a hard time here,haha. Anyways, be yourself, and more importently...take a break from the internet and drink some water :)
530 days ago
hiii im afab non binary/bigender they/them pronouns
535 days ago
I’m gonna be honest with you, to know that I’m not cis, I did not need this quiz wowi. I was uncomfortable with having breast and a period from the beginning(I actually cried), she/her always sounded wrong and fitting in with “other” girls has never been a thing for me(nor has it with “the boys” either), I’m presenting as authentic meaning as masculine as possible looking like your stereotypical dyke currently. I guess Non binary would be what I identify most with but I’m still struggling with finding a label (which would lessen the uncertainty). I don’t know I’m really trying to find myself here but I’m still me and “me” and “me” is someone who’s really good at suppressing and trying to justify my gender issues with being gay(attracted to girls).. Growing up, it was the “tomboy” label that was put on me, now I really don’t know anymore, being attracted to women’s bodies doesn’t make it any easier but I think if you can only accept your body in moments in which you’re objectifying your own body (since you’re attracted to the female anatomy) doesn’t count, to put it in a nutshell: I love sports bras…and also don’t touch me Im at war with my body
Also I’m amazed by androgynous afab peeps, which is probably why I turned into one (the age old question -am I attracted to them- or -do I want to be them-…) I don’t wanna analyse what that tells me , anyways I don’t like “gender” and if you’ll see me as feminine or a girl il cry
bye guys
I feel u
566 days ago
I just realised this test isn't for males well I will through myself out the window
708 days ago
@another confused killjoy
My gender is also like that, i am afab, and my gender is demifluid nb but i haven't came out to my family, or nobody, and people use she/her pronouns to me just brings my dysphoria! I feel like i'm a bit too "young" to come out... like i'm 11 and my family might not support me.

you might be genderfluid, like sometimes you are demigirl, sometimes non-binary and sometimes agender.. you might be girlflux (sorry if i'm wrong xd) search it up and see if you fit in this term.
714 days ago
721 days ago
a feminine guy can be a femboy (i got cis, even tho i'm nb lol)
762 days ago
@another confused killjoy
That's rought, buddy.
Maybe you're non-binary or gender-fluid or you could be trans
It's different for everybody.
At least tp me, you sound gender fluid. and just because you don't hate your body doesn't mean you aren't valid.
It's going to be a long and difficult journey, but l'm sure it'll pay off one day.
I hope this helps, and remeber to trust the process and, most importantly, love yourself no matter what you may turn out to be.
825 days ago
I've been questioning my gender for a while now. I'm biologically female, but I don't feel like it. But I don't know what I do feel like. Sometimes I feel like a demigirl, sometimes I feel nonbinary and aaaaaaaaaaaa. Sometimes I don't know what I feel at all. When people use she/her pronouns for me it feels like a punch in the stomach, but I'm to scared to ask to be called they/them, which are the pronouns that I would feel more comfortable with. But then sometimes I feel like I'm just making this up, because I don't feel THAT much gender dysphoria when I look in the mirror. This probably makes no sense but could someone help or something. Help me find out what the Hades is going on with me?
848 days ago
i feel like i'm bigender, gender fluid or demigender ... help?
849 days ago
40%?? sounds like demige
nder. i KNEW IT
856 days ago
i think i'm gender fluid but i can't tell my parents sooo i'm gonna stay with my bff aka the closet~