Are you cruel and unusual? O.O
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Are you cruel and unusual? O.O

Are you just plain evil when it comes to friends and enemies? Are do you just have troubles telling the difference, since your life has be paved with misery!....oo'

Question 1:Have you beaten you best friend in the head with lead pipe for now reason?
Question 2:Do you offer anyone a chance to win some cash, but when the win you slap them in the face and run?
Question 3:Do you walk up to someone look them in the eye and invite them to go have sex with themselves?
Question 4:Do you take your enemies on a long trip to a "Fun park" and let them think everything is ok as you bring the car up to 80 and drive off a bridge leaving them in the car well you escape with you parachute?
Question 5:Do you sell pixie sticks full of crack?
Question 6:When children knock on you door on Halloween do you open the door and drop kick them off you porch screaming"LEAVE ME BE MORTALS!"?
Question 7:Do you sit in the middle of a park on a busy walkway and trip everyone and everything that comes within a 5 foot radius?
Question 8:Do you ask your friend what the wonderful smell is because you sure as hell don’t think its them?
Question 9:Do you hate the things called: Cute, Pink, Loving, and good stuff(not the good stuff hehehehe....Oo')?
Question 10:Do you walk up to your neighbors house at 2 in the morning ask them for a cup of milk, and the second they give it to you you slap it out of there hands onto them saying it to cold?

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