Am I Popular? Girls Only!

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Do you ever wonder if your popular, and you need a good quiz? Well now you can find out!

  • 1
    Have you ever dated a guy before besides the one you have now (if you do have one now)?
  • 2
    Do you have more than 15 friends?
  • 3
    Do people ever compliment your outfits, or tell you you're pretty?
  • 4
    Do your teachers ever mention that you are popular, or have a lot of friends?
  • 5
    Do a lot of guys say hi to you in the hallways?
  • 6
    Do you make your class and teachers or friends laugh a lot?
  • 7
    Do random guys stare at you?
  • 8
    Do you hang out with a lot of popular people?
  • 9
    Do you wear make-up?
  • 10
    Do you have long hair?

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137 days ago
Ok so I have some problems with this test. First of all: Long hair and makeup does not make you popular. Second of all: My results told me to try to be more like my friends to be more popular. I am not changing anything about myself, thank you very much. Also, to anonymous, those things might make you someone’s idea of popular, but they cannot make you actually liked by people. The way you do that is being kind and NOT absorbed by boys and your looks.
Just my opinions, remember that you are perfect just the way you are :)
261 days ago
It says I have a lot of friends but not super popular. This definitely matches me!
431 days ago
i am popular and it said i was poular but some of the questions were really irrelevent. don't let this test get ou down and don't change yourself for anyone!
884 days ago
Say hello to peps that are totally not using this website as a dating website
903 days ago
I don't have long hair???? I'm not popular????
962 days ago
I’m ten and I wrote like that at 7.
Also, a lot of people my age are not as smart as you. I just wanted to let you know to make you feel amazing today. (I am attempting to do more good deeds.)
Congratulations!! :)
962 days ago
Awesome I do have a lot of friends including other popular people but I thought I was mid-popular not popular lol
983 days ago
Your friends with a popular person which makes you popular. Try to be more like them and maybe you will get more popular.

Ummm…. I'm not sure about this quiz. Why should I try to change anything about myself? Does anyone have the same opinion as me about this matter?
986 days ago
hi so what does pure mean?!?!?! I’m confused
1079 days ago
Hey I’m popular but it says I’m not popular I am the most popular student in my class and the whole class is my friends and even some people that are not in my class are friends of mine and I even have friends not in the same school and what does long hair even have to do with popularity and i am the happiest and most cheerful in the whole SCHOOL . So I am just going to say this test is stupid
1100 days ago
So I’m in the popular group and it’s just really fun to go to all the parties, hangouts/movies and all that:) you get close with guys which I love bc girls can start a lot of drama tbh. But here’s some things you need to do to be popular.

1. Always wear different outfits. I’m serious. I mean, you can wear an outfit more than one time, but never in the same month. And make sure your outfits are cute and in style. You can never go wrong with a basic tshirt and bralette. Crop tops, dresses and tank tops are sooo cute!!!

2. GET CLOSE WITH BOYS!! For real, guys. They have so many benefits to being popular! Even get a boyfriend. They NEVER fail to make you more popular, trust me!

3. Have a distinct lunch table. If you have this, it will literally automatically be the “pops” table. Have boys sit there as well!! Everyone will dream of sitting with you!!

4. Have parties. This will definitely boost your popularity because everyone and I mean EVERYONE will be talking about it. You will have the most fun and everyone will be begging for an invite!!!

5. Start EARLY. You can’t just begin to be popular in 7th or 8th grade. You have to start early in sixth and become friends with the popular kids!

6. This is about more than your outfit!! Your looks hun. You absolutely HAVE to look your best every single day. For hair, go with loose curls or simple straight hair. For makeup, go natural, no crazy colors unless you are good at makeup!

And there you have it! This is how I became popular and how I’m having the most fun!
1104 days ago
I am popular, apparently. Everyone knows me and wants to be like me. I don't really care about being popular or not. Tons of popular girls wear tons of makeup (I HATE MAKEUP), inappropriate clothing (I wear shorts and a T-Shirt most of the time, with sneakers), and they love pink and purple. (I hate pink, purple, princesses, dresses, you name it, I hate it.) Also, I have long hair, but that doesn't make anyone popular. You can be popular and have your hair in a bob.
1158 days ago
So I have long hair...I’m popular?!?
1172 days ago
Your friends with a popular person which makes you popular. Try to be more like them and maybe you will get more popular.
Really??? My friends are: 3/6 smart 3/6 stupid! Seriously, the stupid bedlamites wouldn't choose a thing right even for life!
Oh, and I'm only 7 years old and I predict that most of your writing skill and level would be like this when you get up to 10 years old!
1275 days ago
What does having long hair have to do with ur popularity?
1280 days ago
What does having a popular friend have to do with anything
1384 days ago
Long hair doesn’t make u popular
1691 days ago
I don't like how it said your friends a popular so be like them you shuold be your own person.
1702 days ago
Why would I wanna be popular? I'm fine the way I am. II'm friends with practically everyone but not really popular. I'm like the most cheerful and happy girl at school. I say hi to everyone even if I don't know them. One time a stranger and I had a full on convo about me being silly.