How Cluse Is You?
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How Cluse Is You?

A while ago my friends and I cam up with the term "cluse" also as know as recluse or a hermit. Basically a person who is antisocial. We soon became obsessed with it and wanted to know if some people have the cluseness in them without even knowing it themselves....take the test to see!

Question 1:Do you know the definition of the word "cluse" in all forms of grammar?
Question 2:Do you think being cluse is cool?
Question 3:Have you ever gone to a LAN gaming center?
Question 4:Have you gone by yourself?
Question 5:Do most of your wardrobe consist of hooded sweatshirts and non-name brand clothing?
Question 6:Do you know the significance of rapidly twitching your index finger with another person?
Question 7:Is your room smelly?
Question 8:Is the number of hard drives you went through in your lifetime more than the umber of times you have kissed a girl?
Question 9:Are you hunched over right now?
Question 10:Do your meals consist of easy preparation? For example, Easy Mac, McDonalds, etc.
Question 11:Do you feel more comfortable sitting in the back of the classroom?
Question 12:Have you ever cancelled plans just to be by yourself?
Question 13:Have you ever gone to a movie theater by yourself?
Question 14:Do you enjoy having your and only company?
Question 15:When you are bored do you ever read a book out loud to yourself?
Question 16:Have you ever felt more comfortable sitting in a dark room than on a comfy couch?
Question 17:If you were to sleep on a bunk bed would you pick the top bunk?
Question 18:Do you ever make a secret screen name on AIM so you can spy on others but others can't see you?
Question 19:Do you ever refer to a certain action as how "cluse" it is?
Question 20:Do you ever talk to your/other pet(s) as if they were another human being?
Question 21:Do you prefer cats over dogs?
Question 22:Do you think you are the biggest cluse because you think you would be the only one taking this test right now?
Question 23:Do you ever dream about being "cluse"?
Question 24:Have you ever thought about being by yourself for the rest of your life?
Question 25:When you see a fellow cluse buddy, do you ever wish you were JUST like him/her?
Question 26:Is your room dim to an average person?
Question 27:Do you ever wonder how it is humanly possible for a person to talk to someone they don't even know with ease?
Question 28:Do you ever talk to yourself when you are around people?
Question 29:Do you ever question yourself why you have friends?
Question 30:Do your friends mainly consist of people who you met through electronics? For example AIM, internet forums, etc.
Question 31:Have you ever visited any websites affiliated with "cluseness"?
Question 32:Is your room decorated with more themes other than girls or no girls at all?
Question 33:Have you ever posted on a forum to see how high of a rating you can get?
Question 34:Have you ever visited
Question 35:Do you feel more comfortable when you check the weather channel and it reports heavy rain and thunder?

This Quiz has been designed by Paul Takamoto.