Are You Annoying?
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Are You Annoying?

Do your friends hate you? Does the world hate you? Is it because when you talk to them it feels like you're hammering a nail into their skulls? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:When people see you in the halls at school, do they run away and hide?
Question 2:Can you always see the "Bright Side" of things?
Question 3:Do you feel sorry for some of the people on American Idol who didn't make it to Hollywood?
Question 4:Do you like any boy bands?
Question 5:Is it because some of the people in them are "hot/cute"?
Question 6:Do you like pop music?
Question 7:Do you like rap music?
Question 8:Are you unable to accept other people's opinions, you stupid close-minded person?
Question 9:Do you like the new Dell commercials?
Question 10:Do you wish this quiz had other choices besides 'yes' and 'no'?
Question 11:Do you like the movie Crossroads?
Question 12:Do you think you know how to get the "Least Annoying" score on this quiz?
Question 13:Are you answering the questions truthfully on this quiz, you little cheater?
Question 14:Do you hate SNL?
Question 15:Do you think humor is stupid?
Question 16:Do you often use the phrase "You da man"?
Question 17:Do you like that phrase?
Question 18:Do you like wannabe bands/singers? (AKA Ok-Go, Simple Plan, Avril)
Question 19:Do you like people?
Question 20:Do you think this is question number 20?
Question 21:Do you know it wasn't # 20?
Question 22:Did you go back and change your answer because it was wrong?
Question 23:Do you think you're annoying?
Question 24:Do your friends think you're annoying?
Question 25:Does your family think you're annoying?

This Quiz has been designed by The Queen Of All That Is Wrong And Not-Good! Or Just Holly......