How Much Do You REALLY Know About Yourself????
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How Much Do You REALLY Know About Yourself????

This will tell you the truth about your inner being! Can you handle it?

Question 1:Your best friend asks you if he/she should cheat on her/his boy/girlfriend. You respond with:
If you think it's right....
Remember the Golden Rule!
Either break up or don't! Cheatings going to ruin your reputation!!
Do you want to ruin this relationship?

Question 2:How do you break up with a guy/girl?
Gather a big crowd and totally embarrass your ex
Get away!! I only went out with you for the sex!
I've never had a boy/girlfriend
Let's just be friends....
Totally ignore contact (don't return messages)

Question 3:How would you attract a potential guy/girl at a restaurant?
I don't eat food
Walk up casually and strike up a conversation
Continually look over and smile (s/he IS watching!)
Walk over and "accidentally" undo your belt buckle and drop your pants....(your not wearing underwear!)

Question 4:Which of these would you rather do??
Go hiking and relax in the mountains
Have oral sex with a complete stranger
Go out on a casual date
Go to a bar and get so drunk you can't walk out without help

Question 5:How do you begin your day?
Eat breakfast
I don't begin days, I lay in bed all day
Arouse partner
Arouse neighbor
Watch news and weather

Question 6:Which of these are you likely to do with a friend? (YOU ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP!)
Nothing, I have no friends
Arouse and have all different kinds of sex before spouse gets home (Your friend does NOT enjoy this!!)
Go to dinner
Drug and hold hostage for money

Question 7:Where did you meet most of your friends?
At school (any kind)
They're neighbors
No where since I have no friends
I met them at wild parties!
I met them in a bar and they are one of the many I randomly had sex with! (Would you consider them friends??)

Question 8:Which of these have you done with an animal?
I don't know what an animal is
Sex! (any kind!)
I pet it! What's wrong with that?!
I'm allergic and cannot do anything with animals
French kiss

Question 9:What did you do on your first date?
Kiss on the doorstep
Make-out the whole time
Hold hands
I have never had a date
All the way baby!!

Question 10:What do you think about clowns?
Those things are so fricking scary!
I have never seen a clown
What does this have to do with my personality????
Can you have sex with clowns??
Slap his dumass right out of here! Clowns are EVIL!

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