Are you an airhead?
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Are you an airhead?

Are you dumb? Popular? Then you're probably an airhead. Find out with this test! Are you an airhead?

Question 1:Are you popular?
Question 2:Is your GPA less than 3.0?
Question 3:Are you on a football or basketball team?
Question 4:Do you like sex?
Question 5:Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend even though you are only in middle school? (If not in middle school, answer no.)
Question 6:Have you gotten in detention?
Question 7:Are you in the "dumb" classes?
Question 8:If you are a male, is your weekly semen output more than a cup? (If you are a girl, answer no.)
Question 9:Have you ever tried to get pornographic material?
Question 10:Have you ever gotten it?
Question 11:Have you ever had unprotected sex before age 21?
Question 12:Have you ever talked openly about sex with others?
Question 13:Is Comedy Central your favorite channel?
Question 14:Do you get Playboy magazines?
Question 15:Do you read them?
Question 16:Do you have porn on your binders, books, etc?
Question 17:Would you like to be in a Playboy magazine?
Question 18:Does the study of sex arouse you?
Question 19:Do you masturbate?
Question 20:More than once a day?
Question 21:Does the thought of a penis enlarger arouse you?
Question 22:Would you gladly rather work at McDonalds than a science lab?
Question 23:Do you hate teachers?
Question 24:Do you like math, science, and Language Arts?
Question 25:Do you see yourself as sexy?

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