Do you secretly hate yourself?

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How do you secretly feel about yourself?

  • 1
    Do you feel like you have something "special" about yourself that is rare?
  • 2
    Do you find it hard to find clothes you like?
  • 3
    Can you think of 3 desirable things you have that your friends don't have?
  • 4
    Are your feet to big for your body?
  • 5
    Do people talk or become friends with you to get to another person?
  • 6
    Think 5 years from now, are you still on earth?
  • 7
    In 5 years, if you're still here, are you more financially stable than you are now?
  • 8
    Is there something in your life you do but wish you could stop?
  • 9
    Do you do things that you don't want anyone, EVER knowing about?
  • 10
    When someone tells you a secret and asks you not to tell anyone in the world, can you find a logical reason to tell someone else the secret?
  • 11
    Do you like your hair style?
  • 12
    Does God cause you pain and suffering?
  • 13
    If you could move to another state, change your name and identity would you be happy than?
  • 14
    Do you have the ability to become a better human than you are now?
  • 15
    If you had ONE WORD that could describe yourself would that word have anything to do with your looks?
  • 16
    If you had ONE WORD to describe yourself would that word have anything to do with your intelligence?
  • 17
    Do your friends come to you for advise?
  • 18
    Do you ever consider yourself the "parent" of your friends?
  • 19
    Do you feel like you deserve more from life?
  • 20
    Everything that has happened to you has been a result of someone else's actions. Most of the time "It's not your fault"?

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39 days ago
im 13 also it says im 50 50 but idk anymore
77 days ago
I'm only 13, but I think I;m self hating and have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I dpn't know who to talk to, and don't know if I deserve to talk to anyone, since It's my fault. It's m fault I'm terrible and no one else should have to bear this ugly burden of mine...I don't know anymore
150 days ago
You can comment your troubles to me on my quizzes. So feel free to try it. I will also give you advice. 2 of my quizzes are:which Ever After high character are you? and:What do your parents think of you generally?
150 days ago
I can't believe my result. I'm not better than my friends,I'm definitely worse! Yeah,I hate myself. My name is also too common.
164 days ago
Ughh I know it, I hate myselfffff, so bad
169 days ago
I really hate myself. The quiz result told me not to be so hard the myself. That's not true! I need to put more pressure on myself so I can make myself at least an okay person. People tell me I'm nice. But I'm really stupid.😰
182 days ago
I hate myself. I wish I could change my name. Ugh. not again! my sister Alexis is going through my stuff again!! (Alexis is my older sis)
210 days ago
So I have some friends on roblox and I created this group and put all of us in it but then my friends started to tear apart and I started crying myself to sleep sometimes and I feel like it’s my fault they are torn apart I never ever will forgive myself for the day I created the group.....
234 days ago
I feel so stupid for taking this quiz. I already know the answer
304 days ago
lmao i don't. think this helped jkfdsg
i'm not sure what half of the questions had to do with hating yourself,, and pure??? the heck??
also "Don't be so hard on yourself, you know your better than most of your friends" that's not very nie for my friends lmao
and the surfers thing??? i don't rlly understand but ok
445 days ago
idk y i took this i knew i hated myself
450 days ago
I hate my self, but I already knew that haha. I have severe depression and anxiety and no friends so I couldn’t really answer the friend questions.
502 days ago
this probably the stupidest quiz ever. like tf does someone elses secret have anything to do with me hating myself? but honestly im probably stupider for clicking on this
651 days ago
I’m too stupid to understand my results, I got 70% and the average is 57% ?
659 days ago
I hate myself so much no one cares about me I suffer depression, anxiety,and anger issues. Most ppl say I have mental issues, but I can't disagree with them
678 days ago
I only have like two good friends from kindergarten because some how they still remembered me and actually talked to me, I also have a crush who does talk to me, but not that much. I hate myself for honestly the dumbest reasons if someone is mad I blame it on me, I also hate myself for the personality I have, many people day I'm emo or goth but idk anymore
734 days ago
I rlly hate myself
I dislike my entire personality
I wish I could change into some person who is kind and pretty
But rlly
I’m mean
I dress like a boy
No one will ever like me
none of my crushes has ever liked me back
I just hate myself for being lazy
I hate myself for hating others for being annoying
I hate myself for not being to empathize with other people’s situations
793 days ago
Idk why I'm taking this test. I hate myself. It's not a secret anymore
943 days ago
I'm not gonna believe this test. All my answers were truthfully answered and I should've gotten 100% not 55%. I know I hate myself because there was not a second in my entire life where I felt the little bit of love for myself. Even if I did then I did, but it went away after. So I know for my entire life I've always hated myself and haven't liked or even loved myself for a second. I'm only a teenager I'm still very very young I'm sure I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life but I hope it changes.
1092 days ago
"Does God cause me pain?"
I'm an atheist