Do you secretly hate yourself? Quiz

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How do you secretly feel about yourself?

  • 1
    Do you feel like you have something "special" about yourself that is rare?
  • 2
    Do you find it hard to find clothes you like?
  • 3
    Can you think of 3 desirable things you have that your friends don't have?
  • 4
    Are your feet to big for your body?
  • 5
    Do people talk or become friends with you to get to another person?
  • 6
    Think 5 years from now, are you still on earth?
  • 7
    In 5 years, if you're still here, are you more financially stable than you are now?
  • 8
    Is there something in your life you do but wish you could stop?
  • 9
    Do you do things that you don't want anyone, EVER knowing about?
  • 10
    When someone tells you a secret and asks you not to tell anyone in the world, can you find a logical reason to tell someone else the secret?
  • 11
    Do you like your hair style?
  • 12
    Does God cause you pain and suffering?
  • 13
    If you could move to another state, change your name and identity would you be happy than?
  • 14
    Do you have the ability to become a better human than you are now?
  • 15
    If you had ONE WORD that could describe yourself would that word have anything to do with your looks?
  • 16
    If you had ONE WORD to describe yourself would that word have anything to do with your intelligence?
  • 17
    Do your friends come to you for advise?
  • 18
    Do you ever consider yourself the "parent" of your friends?
  • 19
    Do you feel like you deserve more from life?
  • 20
    Everything that has happened to you has been a result of someone else's actions. Most of the time "It's not your fault"?

Comments (37)


246 days ago
I got 9 out of 20 I'm confused
255 days ago
I'm an 😘 and I'm really sad and worried and hate everything and don't know what to do anymore and I feel like it's all because of the internet and my idocy
255 days ago
🚔, this is so good
255 days ago
337 days ago
Dis test bout?
Neds .me mor skooling
Yip in stepdember gits me ta skool
Lern bout tings
Tired a workun all tim.
357 days ago
Only got 9 points out of 20 questions. I feel like some of these were open ended. Like for example, the one about for one word to describe yourself would it it have to do with intelligence, I said yes, because I'm "stupid". Same thing for a lot of other questions. I self-harm and think about suicide a lot, have anxiety, depression, autism, and adhd.
396 days ago
i can't take no more hate from me OMG i don't know what to do *crying* i wish someone could understand well bye
396 days ago
will i ever love me all i know is i'm still alive i will still have hate and more i just want to kill myself what about all for you?
461 days ago
😘 everything, people are bored around me, they despise having to sit with me just not to be alone
544 days ago
I feel i don't wont to. Live
568 days ago
Strong self hate? Not surprised tho
597 days ago
I knew i hated myself.Even my friends do but wont tell me,so as my family im so invisble around them but i wont kill my self because of them they are not worth it.At least they dont phisically abuse me.Im so glared i moved out I've got a job,husband &kids who love me😙😊.
599 days ago
I have problems with self confidence I think I am rlly ugly I think I am weird and for some reason I were a fake smile 😃 whenever I talk about it they just push aside the conversation and act like it never happened what do I do ?
676 days ago
im 13 also it says im 50 50 but idk anymore
715 days ago
I'm only 13, but I think I;m self hating and have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I dpn't know who to talk to, and don't know if I deserve to talk to anyone, since It's my fault. It's m fault I'm terrible and no one else should have to bear this ugly burden of mine...I don't know anymore
788 days ago
You can comment your troubles to me on my quizzes. So feel free to try it. I will also give you advice. 2 of my quizzes are:which Ever After high character are you? and:What do your parents think of you generally?
788 days ago
I can't believe my result. I'm not better than my friends,I'm definitely worse! Yeah,I hate myself. My name is also too common.
802 days ago
Ughh I know it, I hate myselfffff, so bad
807 days ago
I really hate myself. The quiz result told me not to be so hard the myself. That's not true! I need to put more pressure on myself so I can make myself at least an okay person. People tell me I'm nice. But I'm really stupid.😰
819 days ago
I hate myself. I wish I could change my name. Ugh. not again! my sister Alexis is going through my stuff again!! (Alexis is my older sis)