The Sex Truth
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The Sex Truth

For guys! Do you think you're hot, a player, some bum off the street, or you don't even know?

Question 1:Have you ever performed a strip-tease?
Question 2:Have you had sex at least 10 times in the past 6 months?
Question 3:Is your penis more than 6 inches long?
Question 4:Would you be comfortable in a threesome?
Question 5:Have you ever dropped ice down the front of your pants?
Question 6:Do you like to masturbate?
Question 7:Do you masturbate often?
Question 8:Do you own any sex toys?
Question 9:Do you consider yourself a player?
Question 10:Have you ever given oral sex?
Question 11:Do you like to?
Question 12:Have you ever received oral or anal sex, or given anal sex?
Question 13:Is oral sex better than vaginal sex?
Question 14:Do you work out just to show off in the locker room?
Question 15:Do you get erections often?
Question 16:Have you ever had sex with two or more different people on the same night, on two separate occasions?
Question 17:Have you ever felt, licked, held, touched, or rubbed another guy's penis WITHOUT having any form of sex?
Question 18:Do you like to go to nightclubs?
Question 19:Do you go to nightclubs often?
Question 20:Is the head of your penis longer than 1 3/4 inches?
Question 21:Have you ever streaked?
Question 22:Do you own more than 18 phone numbers?
Question 23:Do you like to walk around naked?
Question 24:If you were outside in an area like a camping ground, river, tree, backyard, or deserted alleyway, would you and your spouse/sex partner(s) feel comfortable walking around nude?
Question 25:Do you prefer watching swimming over baseball?
Question 26:Do you prefer football over soccer?
Question 27:Have you ever had group sex with more than 5 people?
Question 28:Do you like to?
Question 29:Is your penis wider than 2 1/4 inches?
Question 30:Would you prostitute yourself for $700?

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