The Virgin Purity Test
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The Virgin Purity Test

Just being a virgin does not mean you are "pure". This quiz is designed for FEMALES who have not engaged in sexual activity with another person; including oral sex and intimate foreplay--if penetration by/from another person was involved, this quiz is not for you. The "sweet little virgin" stereotype is not always true...although one is a virgin, it means nothing in terms of "purity"--if you are a female virgin, take this quiz to see how pure you really are! {Answer truthfully for more accurate results} *This quiz has language that may be considered offensive--please do not take this test if you are easily offended...and know this is not meant to offend anyone.

Question 1:Have you ever had sex?
Question 2:Have you ever wondered what sex--any "type"--would feel like?
Question 3:Have you ever willingly watched a pornography, whether you were alone or with others?
Question 4:Have you ever accidentally stumbled across online pornography, but continued viewing?
Question 5:Have you ever searched for online pornography by your own free will?
Question 6:Does reading a steamy scene from a novel arouse you?
Question 7:Does watching a steamy romance/sex scene from a movie arouse you?
Question 8:Have you ever read adult/woman magazines--such as Redbook or Cosmopolitan--and been turned on by what you read?
Question 9:Have you ever pleasured yourself by "humping" an object, or pretending you were having sex--any position, oral on another, etc?
Question 10:Have you ever fondled your breasts and/or nipples?
Question 11:Have you ever manually stimulated your clitoris?
Question 12:Have you ever fingered yourself?
Question 13:Have you ever used a "toy" or other object to masturbate?
Question 14:Have you ever masturbated, anally?
Question 15:Have you ever watched yourself while you pleasured yourself/masturbated (ie, by video or a mirror)?
Question 16:Have you ever been so turned on by something that you masturbate right after?
Question 17:Does seeing people or animals have sex arouse you?
Question 18:Do you often moan while pleasuring yourself?
Question 19:Have you ever "cum"?
Question 20:Do you often dream/fantasize of sex?

This Quiz has been designed by Hillary.