How Dirty Is Your Mind?

Discover your inner filth! Take my quiz now. Don't worry, I pinky-promise that I won't share your result with anyone.

But you might want to, though, if you have a friend or a special someone who's just as dirty as (or even dirtier than) you! ;)

  • 1
    You see the numbers 69....
  • 2
    1 + 1 =?
  • 3
    A teacher once said, "We touch ourselves constantly."

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    Someone sitting playing their guitar/bass naked sounds:

  • 7
    You hear someone say, "I want to butter your bread!" You think:
  • 8
    6 + 9 =?
  • 9
    You + me + bed =?
  • 10
    How dirty do you consider your own mind?

Comments (161)


1618 days ago
Aswome thats so coool get a life
1618 days ago
i am alot of dirty mind
1620 days ago
I am just a little...just a little dirty minded
1620 days ago
I am not dirty-minded yay.
1621 days ago
Should I spill cause I failed 5 are you innocent quizzes😅
1622 days ago
im innocent hahaha i may be a virgin but honestly thats hilarious
1627 days ago
I not have a dirty mind ;)
1631 days ago
Mmmmmmm bread =P
1632 days ago
🌻it! I have a dirty mind. I knew that already kinda though.
1634 days ago
I did the dirty mind quiz and the text results were

" you have a dirty mind"
Lol I knew I had a dirty mind but I didn't think I was that bad!! Lol 😩😂😋
1637 days ago
I have a dirty mind lol
1640 days ago
that was easy but I'm a little dirty minded
1641 days ago
Very very very dirty......

No regrets
1648 days ago
I didn't get the jokes
It says I'm Innocent
1649 days ago
Mhm hm...Very dirty minded;)
1649 days ago
love the test
1674 days ago
lol hi hi lol i like bread im have not a dirty mind
1682 days ago
I didn't get it, how could you turn "i wanna buffer your bread" bad, it's just bread!!!???when idk
1692 days ago
I pass the test and my mind is not dirty
1703 days ago
I don’t have one