Are You A Virgin? Quiz

Hello, Quiz Taker. I am The Amazing Roger, Knower of All (or just about all). Today, I will guess whether or not you are a virgin. >.<

If you are not, but want to be; or want to be, but are not, do not worry about divulging your most intimate sexual details to me. I will keep your secrets. For a price. Of zero dollars.

  • 1
    Do you shave your private parts? >.<
    Do you shave your private parts? >.<
  • 2
    Do you know how to use a condom?
  • 3
    Have you ever touched anyone's private part? >.<

  • 4
    Have you sent/received nude pictures? >.<
  • 5
    Have you been in a bed with the opposite gender?
  • 6
    What is the furthest you've gone? >.<

  • 7
    Do you masturbate? >.<
  • 8
    Do you own sexy underwear?
  • 9
    Are you waiting until marriage to have sex? >.<
  • 10
    How often do you think about sex? >.<

Comments (83)


6 days ago
im 14 and im a virgin, but im pretty sure these “11” year olds are bots xD
7 days ago
Wow! guys this is so amazing, i luv this test am proud of my self, tnx guys.
26 days ago
This test is great but the question 6 does not make any sense
45 days ago
I did it to a doll with my bestie and we both k1ssed (both of us had a dif doll)
100 days ago
guys i met a sexy girl called kyra and i love her please stay safe and do not have😻till u meet the one for you ty love y'all have a good day!
122 days ago
*🍑 yea ik it’s odd
122 days ago
Im a teenager and I’ve send 🕊 before but still a virgin
122 days ago
im not a virgin apparently.................but im 13...soo this test was incorrecttt
122 days ago
(not real speed) im 11 and ofcourse a virgin
123 days ago
i’m 12 and obviously a virgin, (it. blows my mind that there r kids under 13 losing their virginity) (i took this quiz for fun) but i know some kids my age who got a girl pregnant lol
144 days ago
Hi I am 9 years old I'm on my moms iPad it said I wasn't a virgin what does virgin mean my brother told me to take this quiz
163 days ago
im 10 btw and it says im a virgin kinda correct
167 days ago
The fact that i am 11 and took this quiz because i was bored should be stated. What do you possibly mean “you will lose your virginity fast” little bit concerned.
182 days ago
So happy because i’m a virgin
184 days ago
I’m 12 and a proud virgin lol
188 days ago
prolly i am
192 days ago
Ima virgin thats nice
203 days ago
I’m not a virgin and I’m 12
204 days ago
My results says I am a virgin buI don't want to be a virgin. I need to have 🕊 I need a girl to have🕊with me.
232 days ago
Im a bone serving🦄man and was told to control my willy when it becomes wood