The Rice (University) Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test is an internet school survey originally administered to students at Rice University in Houston, Texas. According to the school website, the test is administered at different times from orientation to graduation and throughout faculty life (if applicable) to observe how much sex, drugs, and general debauchery a student gets into (or doesn't) while attending Rice. Find out how you'd do on the test now!

  • 1
    Been on a date?
    Been on a date?
  • 2
  • 3
    Sent or received a “You up?” text?
  • 4
    Held hands?
  • 5
  • 6
    Played Spin the Bottle?
  • 7
  • 8
    Kissed horizontally (i.e., lying down)?
  • 9
    Kissed for two hours or more?
  • 10
    Kissed more than one person at a time?
  • 11
    Been grinded on?
  • 12
    Undressed/been undressed by a member of the opposite sex?
  • 13
    Gotten/given a hickey?
  • 14
    Played a game that required stripping?
  • 15
    Watched porn?
  • 16
    Seen a stripper?
  • 17
    Sent/received explicit photos/nudes?
  • 18
    Been put in handcuffs?
  • 19
    Had/given "blue balls"? If you don't know what this is, Google it.
  • 20
    Purchased condoms?
  • 21
    Been nude in front of a member of the opposite sex?
  • 22
    Gone through the motion of intercourse while being dressed ("dry humping")?
  • 23
  • 24
    Touched/been touched on your top?
  • 25
    Touched/been touched on the butt?
  • 26
    Been fingered/fingered someone?
  • 27
    Given/received a hand job?
  • 28
    Given/received a blow job?
  • 29
    Been eaten out/eaten someone else out?
  • 30
    Ingested semen or "cum"?
  • 31
    Been walked in on while you were having foreplay or sex?
  • 32
    Drank alcohol not as part of a religious ceremony?
  • 33
    Been drunk?
  • 34
    Blacked out from drinking alcohol?
  • 35
    Played a drinking game?
  • 36
    Had severe memory loss due to drinking alcohol?
  • 37
  • 38
    Smoked cigarettes?
  • 39
    Eaten edibles?
  • 40
    Smoked drugs harder then pot/tobacco?
  • 41
    Been pulled over by police?
  • 42
    Been in a car accident?
  • 43
    Peed in a public place?
  • 44
  • 45
    Been convicted of a crime?
  • 46
    Had an orgasm?
  • 47
    Had sex in a bed?
  • 48
    Had sex in a car?
  • 49
    Had sex in public?
  • 50
    Had sex in a pool or a body of water?
  • 51
    Had sex while someone was home (who wasn't having sex with you)?
  • 52
    Had sex in a position other than doggy, missionary, cowgirl, or 69?
  • 53
    Had sex in someone else’s bed?
  • 54
    Had sex while on your period/with someone who was on their period?
  • 55
    Had sex in the shower?
  • 56
    Had anal sex?
  • 57
    Taken part in an orgy?
  • 58
    Had sex on a plane? ("Joined 'The Mile High Club' "?)
  • 59
    Had sex three or more times in one day?
  • 60
    Paid for/been paid for a sexual act?
  • 61
    Cheated on your significant other?
  • 62
    Spent the night with a member of the opposite sex?
  • 63
    Had a sexually transmitted disease ("STD")?
  • 64
    Had a pregnancy scare?
  • 65
    Been tested for drugs?
  • 66
    Been pregnant?
  • 67
    Engaged in bestiality?
  • 68
    Engaged in incest?
  • 69
    Had 69 with someone?

Comments (21)


23 days ago
I got 93%
132 days ago
nice i got 333 marks
138 days ago
69% lol
239 days ago
247 days ago
yayyyyyy i got 93% or 17/69
254 days ago
94% pure. Also if your comment is fewer then 19 characters, just press the space bar a lot.
262 days ago
96% yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (trying to make my comment longer)
304 days ago
test forgot that gay people exist lmaoooo
357 days ago
The first time I did purity tests I was still a virgin. I was fairly old when I lost my virginity. Decided to try the test after a colleague called me a nerd. I'm less of a nerd than I was back then and less pure I guess. If you livelong enough you find it harder to be pure anything. Even if you don't use drugs and are not sexually active. Fun test. This time unlike when I was younger.
511 days ago
got 26%, i love that for me lmao
514 days ago
I answered no to all and its the truth
525 days ago
Lol i got 33% 0_0.....idk if i should be proud or ashamed.
618 days ago
No one gonna talk ab how there are 69 questions/?
637 days ago
So I'm 15 and I got 96% pure. HOW THE ACTUAL FUÇK!?
659 days ago
So because I'm not straight I'm more pure. I mean, I guess it's nice that it doesn't make me more impure than being straight, for a change.
682 days ago
I'm 0% pure. Y tho? Hm. I didn't do anything at all and selected most of these things as no. I actually calculated it myself and I'm 82%. This test is inaccurate.
682 days ago
So I'm 96% pure somehow
I'm a virgin so I better be! I don't know why it says 96% and not 100% tho bc I put all the questions as no. Maybe it's rigged? I don't do anything at all and all the questions were no for me. I wonder why?
818 days ago
You are for 86% pure!

18 years old and I am still on this * goes to sob*
848 days ago
ayo why opposite👮on the👮questions? yall homophobic or sum?-
894 days ago
@srhah you really should not feel bad about that. People who do less of this 🚔, drugs and dangerous sexual practices etc, should not be the norm or exalted.