School Time: How Pure Are You?
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School Time: How Pure Are You?

Ok, so, this is a different kind of purity test, this is the kind to find out how perfect you are at school. Then take another to find out how pure you are at home. Major difference right? Probably, find out how much you pretend (don't pretend?) at school!

Question 1:Have you ever yelled at a teacher?
Question 2:Have you ever swore at school? (such as s*** or f***?)
Question 3:Have you ever kissed in the hallways?
Question 4:Do you shew gum in class?
Question 5:Do you make out with people between classes or at lunch?
Question 6:Have you ever lied (or stretched the truth) a little so people will find you more interesting?
Question 7:Do you smoke or take drugs at school?
Question 8:Do you obey the dress code?
Question 9:At school are you kinda bitchy (yes) or very introverted (no)?
Question 10:Do you have a boyfriend you met at school that hasn't met your parents yet?
Question 11:Do you hang out with the druggies/jocks (yes) or the geeks/brains (no)?
Question 12:Do you wear more makeup to school then you do around the house?
Question 13:Do you obey the dress code?
Question 14:If you have school uniforms at your often do you wear it, all the time (no) or only when you feel like it (yes)?

This Quiz has been designed by Bri.