Just how pure are you?
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Just how pure are you?

Take this quiz to see just how "pure" you are. You never know...you just might learn something...by accident. :)

Question 1:Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Question 2:Have you ever had sex?...(17 yrs. of age or under?)
Question 3:Have you ever given oral?
Question 4:Have you ever received oral?
Question 5:Would you/ do you use protection if you are not married?
Question 6:Do you lie, cheat, or steal frequently?
Question 7:Have you ever smoked marijuana?
Question 8:Have you ever sold it/bought it?
Question 9:Have you ever set something on fire...illegally?
Question 10:Have you ever streaked around your neighborhood by free will? (not on a dare)
Question 11:Do you drink? (alcoholic drinks)
Question 12:Have you ever been arrested?
Question 13:Have you ever run from the cops?
Question 14:Have you ever had sex with a minor? (one who is under the age of 18)
Question 15:Did you enjoy this quiz?

This Quiz has been designed by Robin.