What Did You Get?
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What Did You Get?

Ask yourself the following questions and then click submit and see your score.

Question 1:Smoked?
Question 2:Been Drunk as hell?
Question 3:Screwed someone of the opposite sex?
Question 4:Screwed someone of the same sex?
Question 5:Shoplifted?
Question 6:Lied?
Question 7:Betrayed a friend?
Question 8:Been to jail?
Question 9:Smoked weed?
Question 10:Smoked weed?
Question 11:Done any other illegal drug?
Question 12:Given oral sex?
Question 13:Received oral sex?
Question 14:Screwed something not of the human race?
Question 15:Screwed something not alive?
Question 16:Cheated on someone?
Question 17:Used someone?
Question 18:Paid someone for sex?
Question 19:Been paid for sex?
Question 20:Played strip poker?
Question 21:Skipped school?
Question 22:Skipped school to get high/drunk?
Question 23:Danced naked?
Question 24:Danced naked in public?
Question 25:Flashed someone?
Question 26:Mooned someone?
Question 27:Kissed someone?
Question 28:Kissed someone of the same sex?
Question 29:Held hands?
Question 30:Hugged someone?
Question 31:French kissed?
Question 32:Had sexual fantasies?
Question 33:Had gay/lesbian fantasies?
Question 34:Stolen money?
Question 35:Stolen money from family?
Question 36:Stolen drugs from family?
Question 37:Been convicted of a crime?
Question 38:Dated someone because you heard they were 'easy'?
Question 39:Had someone date you because they thought you were easy?
Question 40:Been called a whore?
Question 41:Been called a bitch?
Question 42:watched porn?
Question 43:Taped porn?
Question 44:Watched porn you taped?
Question 45:Kissed someone in a moving vehicle?
Question 46:Screwed someone in a moving vehicle?
Question 47:Used sex 'toys'?
Question 48:Tried to kill yourself?
Question 49:Tried to kill someone else?
Question 50:Told someone you hated them?
Question 51:Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it?

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