purity 101
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purity 101

Question 1:Have you ever had more than one sexual partner in the same night?
Question 2:Have you ever participated in an orgy?
Question 3:Have you ever had sex while at school/work?
Question 4:Have you ever been caught in a sexual act by the police?
Question 5:Have you ever dressed up as the opposite sex for your own personal pleasure?
Question 6:Have you had more than 10 sexual partners?
Question 7:Have you had more than 20 sexual partners?
Question 8:Have you ever had a same sex sexual encounter?
Question 9:Have you ever had a one night stand with someone you didn't know?
Question 10:Have you ever had sex in a club/bar?
Question 11:Have you ever been tied up while having sex?
Question 12:Have you ever driven naked while someone else performed sexual acts to you?
Question 13:Have you ever masturbated while someone watched?
Question 14:Have you ever masturbated while at school/work?
Question 15:Have you ever had sex while people watched you?
Question 16:Have you ever had sex in a public pool?
Question 17:Ever had sex with a girlfriend/boyfriends best friend?
Question 18:Have you ever used drugs or liquor to seduce someone?
Question 19:Have you ever druged someone?
Question 20:Have you ever given or received oral sex in the presence of parents?
Question 21:Have you ever had sex a movie theatre?
Question 22:Have you had sex in more then 7 different public places?
Question 23:Have you ever had sex in church/temple?
Question 24:Have you ever been addicted to some kind of drug?
Question 25:Have you ever had sex with a sibling’s boyfriend/girlfriend?
Question 26:Would you consider having sex with someone else at your own wedding if the opportunity was there?
Question 27:Would you give up sex completely for as much money as you wanted?
Question 28:Would it bring you pleasure to have your partner draw blood during sex?
Question 29:Would you let your partner take a video/picture of you performing sexual acts?
Question 30:Do you like using foods and/or foreign objects for sexual pleasure?

This Quiz has been designed by Karen.