How Un-pure are you?
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How Un-pure are you?

This is a test to see how much weird and/or kinky stuff you have done.

Question 1:Have you ever masturbated with a toothbrush?
Question 2:Have you ever had intercourse in a location other than your home?
Question 3:Have you ever had a one-night stand?
Question 4:Have you ever used sex toys?
Question 5:Kissed someone using tongue?
Question 6:Have you ever cheated on a significant other?
Question 7:Have you ever licked someone?
Question 8:Have you ever thought about bestiality?
Question 9:Have you ever used a household object in a sexual way?
Question 10:Have you ever used something dirty to wipe yourself off after sex?
Question 11:Have you ever performed a rim job?
Question 12:Have you ever had anything edible consumed in/on your private regions?
Question 13:Have you ever had sexual fantasies involving your friends?
Question 14:Have you ever fantasized about anything sexual (includes kissing)?
Question 15:Have you ever performed oral sex?
Question 16:Have you had sex in more than 2 positions?
Question 17:Have you ever role-played in a sexual manner?
Question 18:Have you ever been attracted to a relative?
Question 19:Have you ever drunken alcohol?
Question 20:Have you ever used any illegal drugs?
Question 21:Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
Question 22:Have you ever hit someone with the intention to seriously harm them?
Question 23:Have you ever had an STD?
Question 24:Have you ever had sexual relations with more then one person at a time?
Question 25:Have you ever watched others partake in sexual acts?
Question 26:Have you ever used a curse word?
Question 27:Have you ever wished damage on another?
Question 28:Have you ever thought about buying/using a blow-up doll?
Question 29:Have you ever received/given a hickey?
Question 30:Do you believe in free love?

This Quiz has been designed by Feffie.