#1 Purity Test
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#1 Purity Test

Take this test and you will finally find out how 'bad' you've been.

Question 1:Ever held hands?
Question 2:Ever kissed a non family member of the opposite sex?
Question 3:Ever kissed someone of the same sex?
Question 4:Ever French kissed?
Question 5:Ever spent the night at someone else’s house for sexual reasons?
Question 6:Sleep in the nude?
Question 7:Ever had a one night stand with someone you don’t know and still don’t know?
Question 8:Ever been felt up or felt someone else up?
Question 9:Ever been called easy and been proud of it?
Question 10:Ever left or received scratch marks as a form of pleasure?
Question 11:Ever been pierced or tattooed below the waist?
Question 12:Ever been pierced for sexual purposes?
Question 13:Ever fantasized about sex?
Question 14:Ever fantasized about a professor/boss/co-worker?
Question 15:Ever played ‘doctor’?
Question 16:Ever had sex?
Question 17:Ever given/received oral sex?
Question 18:Do you swallow?
Question 19:Ever masturbated?
Question 20:Ever had anal sex?
Question 21:Ever rimmed?
Question 22:Ever filched?
Question 23:Ever take someone’s virginity?
Question 24:Ever cried out during sex – BITE ME, HARDER, FASTER?
Question 25:Ever had unprotected sex (not even pills)?
Question 26:Ever had a sexually transmitted disease?
Question 27:Ever been pregnant?
Question 28:Ever engage in foreplay before sex?
Question 29:Ever slept with a boyfriend/girlfriend’s sibling?
Question 30:Ever been involved in statutory rape?
Question 31:Ever had cybersex?
Question 32:While pretending to be someone else?
Question 33:Ever participated in sadomasochism on purpose?
Question 34:Ever been walked in on or walked in on someone having sex?
Question 35:Did you or they join in?
Question 36:Ever had a threesome?
Question 37:Ever participated in an orgy?
Question 38:Ever done mushrooms?
Question 39:Ever sniffed glue?
Question 40:Ever done pot?
Question 41:Ever bought/sold drugs?
Question 42:Ever used mind altering drugs?
Question 43:Ever gotten addicted to drugs?
Question 44:Ever had a bad trip?
Question 45:Did you do the same kind of drug afterwards?
Question 46:Ever approached or been approached by a stranger for drugs?
Question 47:Ever smoked nutmeg because you were out?
Question 48:Ever forgotten to wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
Question 49:Ever lied on this purity test?
Question 50:Know either the Oscar Mayer wiener or the bologna song?

This Quiz has been designed by Megan and Jessica.