How pure are you?
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How pure are you?

Are you really an angel? Are you as naughty as you like people to believe? Answer honestly and find out!

Question 1:Have you ever held hands?
Question 2:Have you ever kissed (With tongue?
Question 3:Have you ever given or received a hickey?
Question 4:Have you ever had a same sex experience?
Question 5:Have you ever given or received oral sex?
Question 6:Have you ever had unprotected sex (Oral, vaginal, or anal)
Question 7:Have you ever had sex?
Question 8:Have you ever given or received anal sex?
Question 9:Have you ever tried bondage?
Question 10:If so, did you like it? If not, would you like to try it?
Question 11:Have you ever rimmed or been rimmed?
Question 12:Have you ever had sex with more than one partner at the same time?
Question 13:Have you ever had sex with more than one partner in the period of 24 hours?
Question 14:Have you ever had sex during your period/during your partner's period?
Question 15:Have you ever had sex someplace other than your house or your partner's house?
Question 16:Okay, enough with the sex - did you ever drink alcohol?
Question 17:Did you ever take an illegal drug?
Question 18:Do you do either of the above heavily?
Question 19:Do you smoke?
Question 20:Did you ever get into a fist fight? (Past the age of 13)
Question 21:Did you ever get into a fist fight? (Past the age of 20)
Question 22:Have you ever stolen? (Past the age of 13)
Question 23:Have you ever been to jail?
Question 24:Are you taking this test under the age of 19?
Question 25:Under the age of 16?
Question 26:Under the age of 13?
Question 27:Have you ever seriously injured someone? (Not self-defense)
Question 28:Do you frequently use bad language?
Question 29:Have you ever been to a public school?
Question 30:Have you ever gone to a bar (More than a couple of times)

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