Teen Grrls Purity Test

Find out how pure you are!

Question 1:Have you ever kissed a guy?
Question 2:Have you ever gone on a date?
Question 3:Have you ever had a steady boyfriend?
Question 4:Have you lost your virginity yet?
Question 5:Have you ever lied?
Question 6:Have you ever cheated?
Question 7:Have you ever stole something?
Question 8:Have you ever skipped a class?
Question 9:Have you ever masturbated?
Question 10:Have you ever punched somebody?
Question 11:Ever "gotten high" on an illegal drug? (e.g. pot, crack, X, etc.)
Question 12:Ever been drunk?
Question 13:Have you ever given and/or received oral sex?
Question 14:Ever been naked in public?
Question 15:Have you ever had any STDs?
Question 16:Do you know what a "menage a trois" is?
Question 17:Have you ever been to an orgy?
Question 18:...did you participate?
Question 19:Have you ever had sex with a girl?
Question 20:Do you dig porn?

This Quiz has been designed by Elena.