How bad are you?
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How bad are you?

Good Luck! Are you clean or are you not? Have you ever...

Question 1:...masturbated?
Question 2:...masturbated on a fairly regular basis of no less than once a fortnight?
Question 3:...masturbated where you could have been discovered (in a crowd, in public, city parks, gym/dorm/barrack showers, movie theater, etc.)?
Question 4:...masturbated out in the wilds or in nature with no nearby civilization?
Question 5:...masturbated to orgasm?
Question 6:...masturbated while reading either pornographic or sexually explicit materials?
Question 7:...masturbated while on the phone? (No kinky interpretations of "on the phone". This is legit.)
Question 8:...masturbated while driving a moving land vehicle (car, RV, truck, motorcycle, hearse, etc.)?
Question 9:...masturbated with a friend?
Question 10:...shaved your genital pubic hair?
Question 11:...shaved your genital pubic hair on a fairly regular basis?
Question 12:...shaved or shaped your genital pubic hair in a particular design (moons, hearts, diamonds, clovers, etc.)?
Question 13:...walked around in your room/apartment/house/habitation in the nude? (Must be a serious walk; five minutes of going around trying to find your undies after a shower doesn't count.)
Question 14:...walked around in a public or semi-public area with a top (shirt, T-shirt, etc) but no bottoms (pants, shorts, etc)? (Dorm hallways, lobby areas, etc. are acceptable; however locker rooms, bathrooms and such places where this behavior is acceptable do not count.)
Question 15:completely shaved off your pubic hair?
Question 16:...written down your own stories or fantasies for masturbatory purposes? (Your own custom-made Penthouse Forum™.)
Question 17:...petted, stroked, fondled, or otherwise handled someone else's bare genitals?
Question 18:...had your bare genitals petted, stroked, fondled, or otherwise handled?
Question 19:...performed oral sex?
Question 20:...received oral sex?
Question 21:...swallowed sperm, or licked female liquids off of fingers?
Question 22:...done 69?
Question 23:...had sex? (No need for orgasm; penetration counts.)
Question 24:...had sex on the first date?
Question 25:...had sex with a virgin? (Not yourself.)
Question 26:...had sex with someone whose name you did not know (and still don't know)?
Question 27:...had sex with someone where there was an age difference of more than 20 years?
Question 28:...had anal sex? (The use of fingers or any phallic objects in this case would also count.)
Question 29:...had an orgasm at all?
Question 30:...had sex, with more than 10 people? (Not necessarily at one time.)
Question 31:...discussed masturbation? (Bringing up the topic of masturbation during Purity Testing does not cut it as discussing masturbation.)
Question 32:...watched a porn movie in mixed company?
Question 33:...played a game which may require you or others to perform an action on another participant?
Question 34:...had oral sex with more than 10 people? (Not necessarily at one time.)
Question 35:...had sex with more than 1 person in a 24 hour period?
Question 36:...been involved in a two (or more) in one? (Oral & anal or vaginal & anal counts. But no fingers - we're talking the real thing here.)
Question 37:...been in a circle of fuck?
Question 38:...participated in a heterosexual orgy or been involved in group sex? (Three people or more; partners must be exchanged.)
Question 39:...used a Wine bottle, Coke bottle, or something along those general shapes for masturbatory or sexual purposes?
Question 40:...masturbated using food? (banana, carrot...)
Question 41:...had sex in front of or under a mirror?
Question 42:...masturbated using a dildo?
Question 43:...had sex in a household room other than a bedroom?
Question 44:...had sex on the floor (but not the roof)?
Question 45:...had sex, participated in oral sex, or participated in mutual masturbation in a place where you could have been discovered?
Question 46:...watched while someone else masturbated?
Question 47:...been watched while masturbating?
Question 48:...had more than one person orgasm on you at once, or been one of several people orgasming on someone else?
Question 49:...had nude pictures of you taken?
Question 50:...been involved in breast fucking? (a.k.a. "The Hawaiian Muscle Fuck.")
Question 51:...had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone?
Question 52:...had sex for more than three hours in a single session of sex?
Question 53:...shaved someone's genital pubic hair (or had yours shaved) as part of a sexual activity?
Question 54:...orgasmed more than three times in one session of sex?
Question 55:...had sex doggie fashion?
Question 56:...had sex in the female superior position?
Question 57:...had sex sitting up?
Question 58:...had sex standing up?
Question 59:...had sex upside-down?
Question 60:...woken up to someone having sex with you?
Question 61:...had sex more than 10 times with 1 person?
Question 62:...had sex more than 5 times in a 24 hour period?
Question 63:...had sex more than 10 times in a 24 hour period?
Question 64:...licked someone's anus?
Question 65:...swallowed your partner's orgasmic secretions?
Question 66:...ever done something for the sole purpose of lowering your Purity Test score?
Question 67:...bought/read books to enhance sexual technique?
Question 68:...had sex in three or more positions in one session?
Question 69:...had sex continuously for 1 hour or more?
Question 70:...devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)?
Question 71:...been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?
Question 72:...woken someone up by performing oral sex on them?
Question 73:...inserted your finger into someone's anus, or had this done to you?
Question 74:...purchased a sex toy?
Question 75:...been involved in use of a strap-on?
Question 76:...given a sympathy fuck?
Question 77:...forced or coerced someone having sex with you?
Question 78:...had sex with someone 10 years older or younger than yourself?
Question 79:...had sex with your boss or teacher?
Question 80:...had two or more regular sex partners at the same time, while all involved were aware of your actions?
Question 81:...had two or more regular sex partners at the same time, without telling all of them about the others?
Question 82:...had sex outdoors at night?
Question 83:...had sex outdoors in direct, unshadowed sunlight?
Question 84:...had sex in a stationary car?
Question 85:...become a member of the mile high club?
Question 86:...had sex in your or your partner's parents' bedroom?
Question 87:...had sex in a classroom, office, or other place of work (not a private residence)?
Question 88:...had sex in a restroom of a building that was open to the public?
Question 89:...had sex in the water (bathtub, hottub, ocean...)?
Question 90:...had sex in a stairwell or elevator?
Question 91:...had sex while you knew someone else was watching?
Question 92:...been walked in on while having sex?
Question 93:...watched pornographic movie with your sex partner?
Question 94:...had a genital or nipple pierce?
Question 95:...practiced sexual role-playing (doctor/nurse, student/teacher, etc)?
Question 96:...engaged in bondage as a "top" (tied someone up)?
Question 97:...engaged in bondage as a "bottom" (been tied up)?
Question 98:...been blindfolded during sex?
Question 99:Do you use thong or g-string as you regular underwear?
Question 100:Do you masturbate every day? (a least one time)

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