Are you completely immoral?
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Are you completely immoral?

This test will tell you if you should change the way of your life and start making this world a better place instead of ruining yours and others' days... So what's inside the closet that you don't dare to open?

Question 1:Did you ever trick a guy to believe you're in love with him to get to know him better between the sheets?
Question 2:Have you ever taken a stranger/new lover to the bed of your parents while they weren't home and never told them?
Question 3:Have you ever slept with your friend when he wasn't single?
Question 4:Have you written a sex story based on your real life and sent it to a magazine?
Question 5:Have you not given your number to a guy after having sex with him though he asked for it?
Question 6:Have you slept with two or more guys at the same time?
Question 7:Have you kissed a guy even though he told you he had a girl friend?
Question 8:Are you drunk every weekend?
Question 9:When drunk, are you just out hunting men?
Question 10:Have you slept with over than five men during last year?
Question 11:Do you think Sex and the City is boring compared to your own adventures?
Question 12:Do you admire Samantha and imitate her?
Question 13:Have you thought you might be pregnant during the last year?
Question 14:Have you thought so over three times or more?
Question 15:Were you actually pregnant?
Question 16:Do you always use condoms?
Question 17:Have you ever gotten a sex disease?
Question 18:Were you a virgin before you were 18 years old?
Question 19:Did you put yourself a limit of how long you can be a virgin?
Question 20:Do you consider yourself a religious person?

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