Are you more good or bad?

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For those of us who need to know?

  • 1
    Have you ever wanted to hurt someone?
  • 2
    Have you ever bullied someone?
  • 3
    Have you ever hated someone?
  • 4
    Have you ever directly disobeyed your parents?
  • 5
    Do you have siblings?
  • 6
    Do you love your siblings?
  • 7
    Have you ever disobeyed your teacher?
  • 8
    Have you ever done something illegal?
  • 9
    Have you ever helped someone in need?
  • 10
    Do you consider yourself good?

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2033 days ago
Yeah sorry I’m if you answered no to most of the questions you are more pure so if you got 30% you are 70% pure and all that.
2033 days ago
xD um is the quiz like backwards? Because I think if you answered no to al lot of the questions it would be better,