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How "Pure" are You?

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Okay, don't take this quiz too hard. It's basically how "PURE" you are.

  • 1
    Did you ever steal?
  • 2
    Did you ever lie about something REALLY BIG? Example: Did you do ____? (something you should never do is the blank.) If you say no or yes, well, sometimes no is a lie. HONESTY! I'M NOT HERE TO JUDGE!
  • 3
    Did you ever fail a test?
  • 4
    Did you ever have a crush on somebody?
  • 5
    Did you ever make fun of somebody?
  • 6
    Did you ever attack somebody? Like not boxing, like, out of madness?
  • 7
    Did you ever cheat in a game? (Not stopping if somebody tags you...)
  • 8
    Were you ever mean to your friends?
  • 9
    Did you ever not do any of your homework? And I don't mean homework passes or forgetting.
  • 10
    Did you ever say something behind somebody's back?

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