Purity Test 🤍 (Teenage Girls)

This is a unique quiz designed to help you explore your experiences, actions, and perceptions in a fun, non-judgmental manner. Remember, there's no right or wrong in this journey, just different paths and experiences. This test will present you with scenarios and questions, and your answers will help determine your 'purity' score. But don't get too hung up on the term 'purity' - it's just a word we use to talk about innocence and experience. Ultimately, the goal of this quiz is to provoke thought and self-reflection. So sit back, relax, and let's dive in to discover more about you!

  • 1
    Have you kissed someone?
    Have you kissed someone?
  • 2
    Have you asked someone out?
  • 3
    Played a game that involves stripping?
  • 4
    Had a dating app?
    Had a dating app?
  • 5
    Watched porn?
  • 6
    Sent nudes?
  • 7
    Been in love?
    Been in love?
  • 8
    Posted a thirst trap?
  • 9
    Bought plan B?
  • 10
    Bought birth control?
    Bought birth control?
  • 11
    Spent the night with mps (member of preferred sex)?
  • 12
    Smoked weed/vape/etc?
  • 13
    French kissed?
    French kissed?
  • 14
    Fondled or been fondled?
  • 15
    Used a sex toy?
  • 16
    Been on a date?
    Been on a date?
  • 17
    Had oral sex with more than one person in one day?
  • 18
    Been sent a dick pic/boob pic?
  • 19
    Have you had sex yet?
    Have you had sex yet?
  • 20
    Last question, if you haven't done this wow, have you flirted?

Comments (29)


51 days ago
i am 100% innocent that is pretty good for someone my age
55 days ago
70 % im 14 is that bad mh idk
82 days ago
I got 40% don’t know if that’s good or not for my age😅
99 days ago
i got 80% what the hecccc
119 days ago
i got 40% i think i’m pretty good for my age.
126 days ago
I got 55% pure 🙂 I'm a dirty minded virgin 😅👍
139 days ago
85%, pretty good for my age :)
150 days ago
i am 85% pure physically...but def not mentally
157 days ago
0% so proud of myself.
176 days ago
i got 80% :D (4/20) not bad
182 days ago
75% I think that's average for a 13y/o but like I'm an asexual, autistic, misanthrope who has no sense of who she is and goes to a psycologist very often and has more physical health problems than atoms in her body and is also addicted to shop-lifting and drinking and who's insecure abt her love life and health+mental problems so she covers them with the fact that she has alot of money and is rich even tho she craves to feel pretty and normal🤗🤗
208 days ago
I got 18/20 😶😶 only ones were plan B and birth control
216 days ago
rice purity tests are unfair lol im aro
217 days ago
100% i don't know what to say i like books more than people okay
245 days ago
Lol i got 80 percent pure
245 days ago
lmao in 19%💀 i thought i was pretty pure
263 days ago
💋, you're 13 and pregnant? didn't you think about your childhood? or how your parents would feel knowing you're sleeping around at your young age? you should have other worries rather than reproducing. you messed up your childhood because you will carry the responsibility of a new life instead of being able to do things like normal teenagers would at your age. but it's your choice to mess up your childhood! just sit and think about what you've done. have a good day.
266 days ago
0% pure!!! Wow that was umm unexpected! But I am 13 and pregnant so umm yeah
298 days ago
I’m 45% pure ,not bad
313 days ago
Okay so they changed the thing about 💗 to a icecream? Weird way of censoring. Anyway, I've had bfs and gfs before, I kissed/been kissed, been on dates my relationships never last long and my parents are very restrictive (not to protect me they are NARCISSISTS) so everything was behind their backs. But I wouldn't want to have oral or unprotected💗if I could. I will get spayed and no ever. Idc how clean you are that's nasty