Purity Test 🤍 (Teenage Girls)

This is a unique quiz designed to help you explore your experiences, actions, and perceptions in a fun, non-judgmental manner. Remember, there's no right or wrong in this journey, just different paths and experiences. This test will present you with scenarios and questions, and your answers will help determine your 'purity' score. But don't get too hung up on the term 'purity' - it's just a word we use to talk about innocence and experience. Ultimately, the goal of this quiz is to provoke thought and self-reflection. So sit back, relax, and let's dive in to discover more about you!

  • 1
    Have you kissed someone?
    Have you kissed someone?
  • 2
    Have you asked someone out?
  • 3
    Played a game that involves stripping?
  • 4
    Had a dating app?
    Had a dating app?
  • 5
    Watched porn?
  • 6
    Sent nudes?
  • 7
    Been in love?
    Been in love?
  • 8
    Posted a thirst trap?
  • 9
    Bought plan B?
  • 10
    Bought birth control?
    Bought birth control?
  • 11
    Spent the night with mps (member of preferred sex)?
  • 12
    Smoked weed/vape/etc?
  • 13
    French kissed?
    French kissed?
  • 14
    Fondled or been fondled?
  • 15
    Used a sex toy?
  • 16
    Been on a date?
    Been on a date?
  • 17
    Had oral sex with more than one person in one day?
  • 18
    Been sent a dick pic/boob pic?
  • 19
    Have you had sex yet?
    Have you had sex yet?
  • 20
    Last question, if you haven't done this wow, have you flirted?

Comments (29)


389 days ago
Ok but fr some of these questions? This is for 13-16 year old girls not 18-26 or somethin women but you got questions bout 🌻, strippin and oral sex? I'm still a minor and a virgin myself but if minors (girls or boys) are out there doin that it's wrong. Stds and other unsanitary conditions, risk of getting the girl pregnant ect. Some grown adults can't even take responsibility but if I were a mom I would not want my kids near this.
407 days ago
Yass. I thought I'd get like... 5😂
445 days ago
im dirty minded but like i got 90% which is unexpected-
512 days ago
i dont have enough social interaction so 65. but i watch 'stuff' all the time and definitely do stuff to myself, so im probably not very pure ha
528 days ago
Haha 10%..
529 days ago
80% pure 😈
726 days ago
i am 30 percent pure ah well
935 days ago
so star-chan a thirst trap is something people make which is a video of them being "sexy" and "aluring"
(the ace trying to explain lol)
950 days ago
55% pure

Also what's a thirst trap?