Yugioh Purity Test

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Are you as pure as Yugi or as corrupt as Yami Marik? X here, and this is gonna be a blast!

  • 1
    Ok here’s a quick question. You find a blue Eyes White dragon card on the floor. Kaiba must be looking for it? Do you give it to him?
  • 2
    You are going along the road when you see Weevil beating up Tristan. Do you help him?
  • 3
    Yusei was riding his motorbike but then Jack comes from behind and knocks it over! Then he steals the motorcycle! You see this. Do you help Yusei?
  • 4
    Yugi and Yami want you to help them find the lost Exodia pieces. Yugi finds one, but Yami is trying to take it from him so he gets the credit. Do you help Yugi?
  • 5
    Jaden was robbed of his Elemental HERO Flame Wingman! You find the thief. They say they will rip it if you tell Jaden. Will you tell Jaden?
  • 6
    Yuma was attacked while by the river. Yami says that it was a prank but you don’t think so. You investigate, to find Yuma broke his leg and Yami did it! Do you tell Yuma what happened?
  • 7
    Yuya was pendulum summoning, but then his Odd-Eyes was stolen! Even worse, Declan had his D/D/D monsters stolen too! You find the thief and demand them back. Do you catch the thief and get the cards back?
  • 8
    Joey and Kaiba were fighting over the lost Blue eyes from earlier. Joey says he’ll trade his red eyes but you think its a trick. Kaiba is about to do it. Will you warn Kaiba?
  • 9
    Chazz and his Ojama Yellow were separated. Chazz is starting to miss it. You find Ojama Yellow and realise that Chazz wants it, yet he once stole your favourite card. Do you give Ojama Yellow back knowing this?
  • 10
    Yugi was being very mean to his Kuriboh the other day. It is all beaten up. You decide to contact Jaden because his Winged Kuriboh also went through with this. Do you call Jaden?

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