Which of the Pevensies are you most like?

You've read the Chronicles of Narnia, right? Do you know which child you're most like? Take this test to find out!

Question 1:Coming right down to it I tend to be
practical and opportunistic
compassionate & altruistic
dutiful & diligent
efficient & pragmatic
Question 2:I respect myself more for
being bold and adventurous
being kind-hearted & of good will
doing good deeds
being autonomous & independent
Question 3:I'm more inclined to trust
impulses & whims
intuitions and intimations
customs & traditions
reason & formal logic
Question 4:I'm in a life-long search for more
thrills & adventure
safety & security
Question 5:In facing the future
I bet something lucky will turn up
I believe in people's inate goodness
you just can't be too careful
it's best to keep a wary eye
Question 6:As a guide to action I look primarily at
immediate advantages
future possibilities
past experiences
necessary and sufficient causes
Question 7:I'm most confident when I'm
adaptable & flexible
genuine & authentic
honorable & respectable
strong-willed & resolute
Question 8:When thinking about misfortune
I usually laugh it off
I often wonder why
I try to make the best of it
I view it from a wide perspective
Question 9:I feel best about myself when
I'm graceful in action
I feel empathy for someone
I'm rock-solid dependable
I exercise my ingenuity
Question 10:I often like to be
excited and stimulated
enthusiastic and inspired
cautious and prudent
calm, cool, and collected

This Quiz has been designed by Delainey Owen.