Market Research - Desk or Field?

This test should enable you to assess how much you have learnt about desk and field research.

Question 1:Desk research involves using...
new research.
a desk or table.
lots of money.
research already carried out.
Question 2:Field research involves using...
research already carried out.
lots of money.
new research.
a field.
Question 3:Quantitative information consists of ....
figures, numbers and likely demand.
quality answers.
people's opinions.
people's tastes
Question 4:Qualitative information provides ...
answers about people's tastes, feeling and opinions.
figures, numbers and says how many.
facts about a product.
facts about size of demand.
Question 5:Which of the following is an advantage of desk research?
It's expensive.
It's relatively cheap.
It's quick to get.
It's easy to get.
Question 6:Which of the following is an advantage of field research?
It's up-to-date and accurate.
It's cheap.
It's quick.
It's easy to do.
Question 7:A random sample is...
the population split up into segments
a targeted group
made up of the people of the same age.
a percentage of the population in a area.
Question 8:A quota sample is...
a percentage of the population in a area.
the population split up into segments
any group of people.
Question 9:Television viewing figures are an example of
Question 10:How do business encourage people to return postal surveys?
Offer incentives, such as gifts, prize draws or money back.
By thanking them in advance.
By asking them nicely.
By ordering them to return the questionnaire.

This Quiz has been designed by K Westwood.