David Usher/MOIST lyrics

Think you know all the lyrics for David Usher/MOIST songs? Try this out--and no cheating!

Question 1:'Can't escape the operator'
120 down the freeway
California here I come
Bout a thousand miles to go
Think i'll take it for a ride
Question 2:'Where the cold lime like a water gun'
Pleasing Falsetto
Question 3:'Borrowed in black you are mine'
Final Thoughts and the Last Day On Earth
F Train
Question 4:'Complications flying while the marigolds are dying'
Comes and Goes
Sunday Comes
Better Than You
Question 5:Picture Elvis
Believing everything he reads
Smallest cut to drain my soul
I step outside the wire
Mine is just the easy target
Question 6:'Hard to escape what's hard'
Pity we'll have to close our eyes
So here's to you girl
I will control
We the living
Question 7:Which of the following songs have the word 'Flower' in them?
Blinded, Sunday Comes
Blinded, Tangerine
Tangerine, Dogs
Sunday Comes, Dogs
Question 8:In Creature the word 'Rain' is used how many times?
Question 9:'Cold parade'
Theme From Cola
Disco Days
Question 10:'I know we might be mediocre'
Unholy, Dirty, and Beautiful
Jesus Was My Girl
My Way Out
Question 11:'Found you lying on the floor'
Wrapped the curtains round your body
There I tied you up with wire
So i'm washing clean your body
Pleasure slides escapes me
Question 12:Comes and Goes
Watch it sink or swim
You can put me on a shelf for hours
And it's hard and it's hated
You'd love to be released
Question 13:Which songs have the word 'Winter' in them?
Trickster, Ophelia, Fast Car
Trickster, Fast Car
St. Lawrence River, Machine Punch Through
Ophelia, St Lawrence River
Question 14:How many songs' lyrics begin with the letter 'I' (not including rare/unreleased songs)
Question 15:'Kitchen is easy'
Mood Song
See Touch Feel
Question 16:At the beginning of what song does someone say 'hey, look at his head'?
Sweet Electric Child
F Train
Question 17:Who says 'Mr. Jangle whatcha gonna do...'
Jeff Pearce
David Hasselhoff
Bruce Gordon
Question 18:Who sings 'how about you...'?
David Usher
Kevin Young
Kim Bingham
Jeff Pearce
Question 19:'Another poke at sensibility'
Still I'm wishing I could stay
I don't even know it's goodbye
How about you?
We've found out
Question 20:The following words were made up by the talented Dave. What songs do they coincide with? Revidescent Crallow Perenity Nakeder
Closer, Kill For You, Liberation, Too Close To The Sun
Closer&Tangerine, Kill For You, Liberation, Shotgun
Tangerine, Freaky Be Beautiful, Liberation, Too Close To The Sun
Tonight, Better Than You, Million, Gasoline

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