Does he really want to be more than just your friend?

Take this quiz to find out if your guy friend wants to stay friends or be more.

Question 1:When you and him are talking, what does he do?
Look directly into your eyes and seems really into the convo.
Look at you sometimes and seems pretty interested in the convo.
Kinda fidgets around and seems KINDA interested in the convo.
Makes up an excuse to leave.
Question 2:When talking on the phone/online he usually...
Brings up relationships alot and always asks you if you're interested in anybody yet.
Talks about stuff in general like school and casually talks about relationships
Only really talks if you say something first and he keeps his answers short and sweet
You guys never talk outside of least not yet
Question 3:During class he...
Makes sure that you two talk.
Tries to make sure that you two get to talk.
Says hi but that's about it.
Doesn't make an effort what-so-ever to talk to you
Question 4:If he sees you walking behind him to class, he...
Stops and waits for you to catch up.
Slows down to help you catch up but doesn't stop.
Turns around and acknowledges you but doesn't wait up for you.
Ignores you completely.
Question 5:If you, him and a few other people are all together in a group talking together, what happens?
You are constantly catching him looking at you and trying to keep you included in the convos.
He only really looks at you when he's talking to you and semi-tries to keep you included in the convos.
He's mostly talking with the other people and you wish he would spend a little more attention to you.
He doesn't pay any attention to you.
Question 6:When talking about your ex-boyfriends with him, he...
Gets very jealous and you guys talk about his past relationships too.
Gets kinda jealous but he offers his best advice.
He doesn't seem to get jealous and tells you that you deserve better.
Doesn't seem that interested and maybe even changes the subject.
Question 7:You are dying to get this new CD that's about to come out and he says...
Hey, I'll burn you a copy from the internet instead for free.
Yea that CD looks good, maybe you could let me borrow it sometime.
Hardly notices you said anything.
Question 8:If you forgot your lunch money, he...
Offers to lend you some money.
Offers to share half his fries with you.
Offers to help you scap up any loose change people might have.
Says, 'oh that sucks' as he munches his fries right in front of you.
Question 9:When you have a problem and you need someone to talk to, he is...
Always there for you no matter what and offers the best advice.
Tries to be there for you even if he doesn't always know the best thing to say.
Sympathizes with you but nothing more.
Is never there because he's always out with his other friends.
Question 10:When a new movie comes out that both of you want to see he...
Says that you two should go see it together sometime.
Suggests that both of you should go with a few other people you both know.
Says that he and a couple other friends are going and you should join 'em.
Says he's going to see it Friday with his friend and he'll give you a review of it on Monday.

This Quiz has been designed by Ashley Veronica.