Which Mist Woods Evil Dude Are You?

This will decide which evil character you're most like.

Question 1:What's your goal?
World domination.
Does it look like I have one to you?
To rule over humans and another creature.
Question 2:Do you want people to know who/what you are?
Yes! I want my name to strike fear in everyone's hearts.
No...It's easier being unknown...people run away less.
Haha! ?That would be fun...just think of the possibilities ...
Question 3:What's your style in clothing?
Well...let's see who ever I possess I guess what ever they're wearing...
I don't care...now leave me alone
Something that makes me look great.
Question 4:Who do you care about?
My only friend.
Me, my mentor, my friends...my somewhat girlfriend.
Me me me me more me me me...
Question 5:Any powers?
I'm sneaky and manipulative.
Um...erm some hypnotic powers I guess and people find me trustworthy.
Question 6:What do people see you as?
Their sister, friend, cousin, idol, I could be anyone I please.
A nice vamp or a monster...depends on who
A regular joe...ahaha!
Question 7:What have you been doing for the past 100 years?
Sleeping in a tomb because I was tripped there.
Trapped in a ruby.
Killing and living in my victims houses.
Question 8:Who's Randolph?
I dunno.
Some loser vamp he thinks he's the greatest.
Question 9:What do you like to do?
Making my girl happy...and kill and be mean.
Destroy the world.
Tricking mortals.
Question 10:Would be human again if you could?
Never was...
I don't remember being a mortal so no.

This Quiz has been designed by Mary.