Which 'Friends'Girl are you most like.?

Are You closer to Rachel,Monica Or like the one of a kind Pheobe?

Question 1:What color is your hair?
Brown with blondish highlights
Question 2:What is your style?
Anything different
Trendy stuff
Anything clean
Question 3:What do you like to do better?
Play guitar/write songs
Question 4:Which Is Most Like Your Catch Phrase?
Who Cares
Why Is This Messy
Ummmmm....Hi Ross
Question 5:Which do you hate the most out of the following?
to wear fur
For people to set you up on dates
Messy things,I hate messy things.
Question 6:Which 'Friends' Dude do you like the best?
Question 7:What color was your first bike?
Pink,But Ross gave it to me
Question 8:What are you best at doing?
Making Candy
stressing out
Question 9:How long is your hair?
Long(down to my waist at least)
My shoulders
A little shorter than my shoulders.
Question 10:What is your favorite friends show?
When Ross gave Pheobe her first bike
When Pheobe Gave Monica a really bad haircut
When Monica,Chandler and Pheobe tried to set Rachel up with dates for the business dance thingy.

This Quiz has been designed by Brittany.