Are you a Will Young superfan?!

Test your knowledge of all things Will Young related to see if you really are one of his biggest fans...

Question 1:When was Will born?
20th January 1978
21st January 1979
20th January 1979
21st January 1978
22nd January 1978
Question 2:On what television program did Will appear before Pop Idol?
This Morning
Stars In Their Eyes
The Big Breakfast
Question 3:Which female contestant did Will most get on with?
Zoe Birkett
Rosie Ribbons
Laura Doherty
Hayley Evetts
Jessica Garlick
Question 4:What has Will got A Levels in?
Politics, Drama and Geography
Art, Ancient History and English
Drama, Biology and Sociology
Ancient History, English and Politics
Chemistry, Maths and Business Studies
Question 5:If Will could be anyone for the day, who would he be?
The Queen
Jay Kay, Jamiroquai
Beverly Knight
His twin brother
Gareth Gates
Question 6:What is Will's ambition?
To be happy
To have tea with the Queen
To have at least 5 number one singles
To be a millionaire
To help people
Question 7:When did Will announce to the public that he was gay?
9th February 2002
10th February 2002
8th March 2002
10th March 2001
9th March 2002
Question 8:What percentage of the votes did Will receive in the Pop Idol final?
Question 9:What is Will's favourite film?
Room With A View
Black Hawk Down
Notting Hill
Remains of the Day
Question 10:What is Will's favourite television show?
Big Brother
Antiques Roadshow
Question 11:How many brothers and sisters does Will have?
one brother and one sister
two brothers
one brother
one sister
two brothers and one sister
Question 12:What part of his body does he have pierced?
belly button

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