Sexual Fun Quiz

Are you experienced in bed? Have you had great sex? Can you score highly on this test?

Question 1:Have you had sex?
Yes, once.
Yes, over 5 times.
Yes, over 10 times.
Yes, over 20 times.
Question 2:Have you had sex over 5 times in one day?
No, but I came close (4 or 5 times).
Yes, over ten.
Yes, with different people.
Question 3:Have you ever french-kissed anyone?
Yes, I've necked for hours.
Yes, a few times.
Question 4:Have you ever masturbated?
Yes, I do constantly.
Yes, around once or twice a week.
Yes, every once in a while.
Occasionally- about once a year.
No, never.
Question 5:Have you ever masturbated anyone else, or have they masturbated you?
All the time!
Yes, a few times.
At first, but now we just have sex.
Yes, once.
Question 6:Have you ever participated in cunilingus (oral sex on a woman)?
Yes, its part of foreplay for us.
Yes, once.
Yes, instead of sex.
Yes, loads of the time.
Question 7:Have you ever participated in fellatio (oral sex on a man)?
I tried to suck it myself once.........
Yes, once.
Yes, all the time.
Yeah, a few times.
Question 8:Have you ever committed beastility (sex with an animal)?
No, you sick freak.
No, but I might consider it.
I tried to finger a cat when i was stoned.
I'm Welsh.
Question 9:Are you bi-sexual?
No, I'm heterosexual.
No, I'm homosexual.
I'm very confused at the moment.
No, I'm celibate.
Question 10:Have you ever had anal sex?
Yes, it's the only way for me.
No, but I would.
Yes, along with many other positions.
Once, but I hated it.
Question 11:Have you had sex missionary style?
No, I'm a virgin.
No, but I've had other positions.
Yes, along with other positions.
Yes- it's the only way I've ever done it.
Yes, the bible forbids any other way.
Question 12:Have you ever had sex doggy style?
No, I'm a virgin and I wouldn't.
No, but I would.
It's the only way I've ever done it.
No, the bible forbids it.
Question 13:Have you ever looked at a porno magazine or book, or watched a porno movie?
All the time, and I masturbate over them too.
No, they're sick.
Once, I loved it.
Once, I hated it.
I do occasionally.
Question 14:Have you ever taken naked photos of someone, or had naked photos taken of you?
No, I don't degrade people in that way.
Yes, I'm in the porn industry.
I'm posted naked on the internet. (please e-mail me the site.)
Yes, my partner has some, but they're private.
Yes, I have some of my partner.
Question 15:Do you own a vibrator, a fake vagina, or any other sex toys.
No, that's sick.
Yes, you can't move in my place for all the kinky items I have.
Yes, I own a few items.
I have one discreet item.
No, I want one but can't get one (broke, too young etc.).
Question 16:Have you had sex or oral sex in a car?
Yes, and it was moving at the time.
Yes, and I or my partner were driving at the time.
No, never.
Yes, once or a couple of times.
No, but I would.
Question 17:Are you a member of the mile high club?
No, unfortunately.
Yes, I did it once.
It's the only reason I fly. I've done loads of times.
No, that's sick.
Question 18:Have you ever used alcohol to weaken someone to engage in sexual activity with you?
No, that's immoral.
Yes, and I married him/her.
Yes, but we just fooled around- no actual sex.
Yes, but it didn't work.
Yes, and it worked great.
Question 19:Have you ever had a threesome?
No, that's wrong.
Yes, with 2 other people of my gender.
Yes, with 2 people of the opposite sex.
Yes, with one person of my sex, and one person of the opposite sex.
I've thought about it, but not yet.
Question 20:Have you ever had a gang-bang (with 4 or more people)?
No, and I never would.
Yes, all the time!
Yes, once or twice but I don't make a habit of it.
No, but I want to.
I was very drunk.
Question 21:Have you ever fondled a breast or had your breast fondled?
Yes, both.
Yes, one of the two, all the time.
No, I'm still waiting.
No, never.
Yes, one or a few times.
Question 22:Have you ever had an orgasm?
Yes, quite a few.
All the time!
Yes, one.
I'm celibate.
Question 23:Have you ever participated in bondage activities?
Yes, tie me down and dominate me.
No, that's sick.
No, I've not found anyone willing yet.
Yes, let me spank you.
Once, but I hated it.
Question 24:Have you had sex where you could be discovered, e.g. in a public bathroom, under a tree, in a changing cubicle, in a football stadium etc.?
No, that's sick.
Yes, a couple of things like that have happened.
No, but I would.
Yes, it's how I get all my thrills.
Yes, quite a few times.
Question 25:Have you ever lusted after someone?
No, I use mind control techniques to keep my self free of such feelings.
Yes, but I'm too scared to tell them.
Yes, but when I told them they screamed and ran away.
Yes, and we fuck every night.
Question 26:Have you ever used role-playing for erotic fantasies.
Yes, all the time!
It's fun occasionally.
No, I would never do that.
I'd like to , but we've not yet.
Yes, but I hated it.
Question 27:Have you ever had an orgasm from someone stimulating your earlobe? (It is possible).
Yes, its how I get all my orgasms.
Yes, once.
No, but I'd love to try it!
A few times.
Question 28:Have you ever masturbated in front of someone/ watched someone masturbate?
No, and I wouldn't.
Yes, it really turned me on.
No, but I would.
Yes, but I felt bad and exposed.
Question 29:Have you ever masturbated with an in-animate object e.g. a coke bottle, or target masturbated?
Yes, and it was awful.
No, never.
Yes, all the time.
No, but good idea.........
Yeah, a few times.
Question 30:Are you using this test as a checklist for things you could do?
No- I've done them all.
No, it's too sick.
Yes, except the animal one.
No- I've done everything except for the animal one.

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